Waste Gasification

Equipment & Solutions

  • Combined Cooling, Heat & Power Process
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    Combined Cooling, Heat & Power Process

    By PyroGenesys Ltd.

    The PyroGenesys PYROGASIFIER concept, is a unique combination of pyrolysis and gasification technology, that turns waste biomass into a decentralized supply of combined cooling, heat and power (CCHP). The Bio-CCHP ...

  • Gasifier Plants
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    Gasifier Plants

    By Eqtec - An EBIOSS Company

    EQTEC has two gasification plants for ongoing research and development of EQTEC Gasifier Technology. Gasification tests using different types of waste are carried out at these centres enabling the improvement of ...

  • Biofuel Burners
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    Biofuel Burners

    By Enviroburners OY

    Biomass and waste gasification has emerged in the recent years as a replacement for conventional fuel oil and –gas applications. With biomass based gasification gas burners customers can reduce their CO2 – ...

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    Power Generation from Solid Fuels

    Power Generation from Solid Fuels introduces the different technologies to produce heat and power from solid fossil (hard coal, brown coal) and ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • Dunphy Combustion Ltd

    Dunphy Combustion Ltd

    Established in 1964, we are international leaders in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of combustion equipment, digital control ...

  • Global Syngas Technologies Council

    Global Syngas Technologies Council

    The Global Syngas Technologies Council (GSTC) promotes the role that syngas technologies play in helping improve the energy, power, chemical, ...

  • Chinook Sciences, LLC

    Chinook Sciences, LLC

    Chinook Sciences was formed in 1998 as a research group supporting the nuclear, metal and industrial gasses industries. Soon thereafter the Company ...

  • CHOREN Industrietechnik GmbH

    CHOREN Industrietechnik GmbH

    The CCG technology is based on a long-standing, proven process of coal gasification for the generation of an ultra-pure, high-energy synthesis gas. ...

  • PyroGenesys Ltd.

    PyroGenesys Ltd.

    PyroGenesys is an integrated energy technology provider, and manufacturer of low carbon renewable products. PyroGenesys’ PyroGasifier, a unique ...