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Wind Farm equipment for Wind Energy

  • SkyWind - Model NG - Micro Wind Turbine

    The SkyWind NG is the very first micro wind turbine designed with the same passion and expertise currently known only from large scale megawatt turbines. Key aspects are its high power and durability at comparatively small size and weight. Its patented all metal design provides unique strengh and an unmatchable service life. Every turbine consists ...

    By FuSystems SkyWind GmbH based in Langenhagen, GERMANY.

  • Senvion - Model 2.XM Series - Wind Turbine

    The 2.XM series offers a choice of 4 models designed to reliably generate high yields at low to medium wind speed sites. With rated output ranging from 2.3 to 2.4 MW, hub heights from 90 to 120 m and rotor diameters from 109 to 124 m, the series provides the versatility to meet a wide range of specific site requirements, regulatory demands and ...

    By Senvion S.A. based in Hamburg, GERMANY. from Wind Turbines Product line

  • Northwind - Model 100 - Wind Turbine

    The Northwind 100 wind turbine gives economical, reliable power to grid connected systems all over the world.  Rated at 100 kW the Northwind 100 utilises the best technology available today, incorporating a permanent magnet generator and gearless design, maximizing the return on investment on small to medium sized wind energy projects.

    By Altergen Ltd. based in Shrewsbury, UNITED KINGDOM. from Wind Turbine Product line

  • Refurbished Wind Turbine

    Our initial market focus is on redeploying wind turbines in community wind projects throughout the Europe. Given the nascent nature of the refurbished wind markets we often develop our own projects, but prefer to work with other developers seeking a reliable solution to their community wind and/or net-meter project needs. With a lead-time of less ...

    By Repowering Solutions based in Madrid, SPAIN. from Wind Turbine Product line

  • CRISTEC - Model YPOWER - Shore-Power Units

    CRISTEC presents its 4th generation of YPOWER shore-power units combining AC distribution system & automatic battery charger in a single cabinet. The 12V charger is a brand new YPOWER model available either in 16, 25 or 40A with 3 fully isolated banks. It operates from 90 to 265VAC, 47 to 65Hz and delivers a smart 5-step charging curve for all ...

    By CRISTEC based in Quimper, FRANCE. from New Products Product line

  • VENSYS - Blade Pitch System

    One special technical feature of VENSYS wind turbines is the lubrication-free and low-maintenance toothed belt which transmits the force between the pitch drive and the rotor blade. Our drive system minimizes wear and increases safety. The drive of the blade is equipped with an energy storage device (capacitor) which makes it possible to drive the ...

    By Vensys Energy AG based in Neunkirchen / Wellesweiler, GERMANY. from Technology Product line

  • Endurance - Model X30 - Wind Turbine

    The Endurance X30 turns high winds into high productivity. Its robust, 30 metre rotor is designed for generation in average wind speeds up to ten metres per second and storm gusts up to 150 mph. At the heart of the Endurance X30 is the time-tested X Series design. With a proven performance record spanning over 25 years, the original design has ...

    By Endurance Wind Power based in Surrey, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

  • Wind Power Systems

    Energy prices continue to spiral therefore every avenue needs to be explored to reduce energy costs. If you are interested in energy from a wind turbine(s) situated on your site, to invest in it yourself or by others and if you need consultancy services to assist you in getting the best solution from the many developer options available contact us ...

    By Peak Energy Ltd. based in Southampton, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Gamesa - Model G80 - Multi-megawatt Wind Turbine

    The track record built up coupled with deep knowledge of current market demands has enabled Gamesa to continue to add the finest technology developments to its 2.0-2.5 MW platform, bringing significant innovation in terms of design, product and performance. The key characteristics of the Gamesa 2.0-2.5 MW platform are its robustness, stellar ...

    By Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy based in Madrid, SPAIN. from Wind Turbines Product line

  • ZephIR - Model 300 - Onshore Wind LiDAR

    ZephIR 300: Hub height wind measurements reduce the risk of, and increase the value of onshore wind energy projects. Onshore wind lidar measurements typically deliver a £320,000 increase on the value of a project through more accurate Annual Energy Prediction (AEP) when compared to a 80m met mast on a 20 MW onshore wind farm – The ...

    By ZX Lidars based in Herefordshire, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Nordex - Model N117 (2.4 Megawatt) - Wind Turbine

    The N117/2400 has been specially developed for low-wind sites. Thanks to a rotor diameter of 117 meters and a rotor sweep of 10,715 square meters, the N117/2400 is the highest-yielding IEC 3 turbine in its class. In typical low-wind regions, it will achieve a capacity of over 3,500 full-load hours, thus exceeding other turbines in this category by ...

    By Nordex SE based in Hamburg, GERMANY. from Wind Turbines Product line

  • Model Xtreme+ - µc-Si Module

    Extreme modules designed for extreme conditions. High efficiency tandem (a-Si/µc-Si) technology. Higher radiance absorption rate, wider spectrum absorption. Ability to install facing multiple directions. Perform in diffused light & cloudy days Superior endurance to: Coast & farm environment; higher temperature Partial shading; snow, ...

    By NexPower Technology CORP based in Taichung City, TAIWAN.

  • XZERES - Wind Turbine Towers

    XZERES Wind can provide a wide range of tower designs and sizes to suit the needs of every wind turbine site. From unique configurations and accessories, to large volume orders, XZERES Wind has the engineering team and experience to provide the best turbine tower solution for your application. All XZERES Wind turbine towers provided come with a ...

    By XZERES Wind based in Wilsonville, OREGON (USA).

  • Nclave - Model SP240 - Twin Solar Tracker

    Nclave designs, calculates and manufactures solar trackers according to customers’ specifications and standards applicable in each country. Nclave uses the most advanced engineering calculation and simulation software approved by aerospace and automotive industries quality standards. Regarding our manufacturing, Nclave stands out for: ...

    By Nclave based in Madrid, SPAIN. from Twin Tracker SP240 Product line

  • Fixed Tilt Structure Single-Post

    Nclave calculates, designs and manufactures fixed – tilt racking solutions according to customers specifications and standards that apply in each country. Nclave uses the most advanced engineering design programs approved by aerospace industry quality standards. Regarding our manufactuting, Nclave stands out for: High-volume manufacturing ...

    By Nclave based in Madrid, SPAIN. from Fixed Tilt Structure Product line

  • Internals Kit for Steel and Hybrid Towers

    KGW offers pre-assembled kits of internals, each tower and section of which is completely prepared for transportation by road or sea. On demand, KGW takes over the entire logistics of progress supervision and transport to the wind farm. Up to now, KGW kits have been supplied for projects in Germany, Turkey, Poland, Uruguay and France.

    By KGW Schweriner Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH based in Schwerin, GERMANY. from Internals Product line

  • Wind Energy

    Its power output.The Feed in Tariffs as they are applicable to the E-3120 50kw.Costs and payback periods.The track record of the Endurance Wind Power 50kw turbine - its performance, safety features, certification, noise levels and maintenance needs.Siting requirements.Flexible ways of financing the installation of a 50kw turbine.

    By The Low Carbon Innovation Network based in Caterham, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Model ATB 500.54 - Wind Turbine Machine

    A variable pitch controlled wind turbine with a 54 m rotor. Since installation of the first prototype in 1997, wind turbines with total capacity of over 20 MW have been installed with successful operation in Germany, Austria and Canada. The turbine is available in 50 m or 73 m hub heights. The towers are manufactured using the highest quality ...

    By ATB Riva Calzoni SpA based in RONCADELLE (Bs), ITALY. from Wind Power Product line

  • UI-Solar - Pitched Tile Roof Mounting System

    Pitched tile roof mounting is designed with great flexibility both for commercial and residential roof solar system.It is suitable for installing framed and frameless modules flushed to the pitched roof.Special extruded aluminum rail, pre-assembled clamps and varied roof hooks or brackets with tilt-in modules ensure easy and quick installation.

    By Xiamen Universe Solar Technology Co.,Ltd (UISOLAR) based in Jimei District, CHINA. from Roof Mounting Product line

  • UI-Solar - Model SS-04 - Trapezoidal Roof Mounting System

    SS-04 mounting kit is designed for trapezoidal shape metal roof sheet. It can be fixed on roof directly without aluminum rails to save cost.Easy installation and wide range of application make it to be a worldwide hot product.

    By Xiamen Universe Solar Technology Co.,Ltd (UISOLAR) based in Jimei District, CHINA. from Roof Mounting Product line

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