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Wind Farm equipment for Wind Energy

  • Large Scale Storage System

    It is evident that were moving towards greater renewable energy generation. However, the intermittent and fluctuating nature of renewable energy generation significantly affects the stability of the power grid.

    By Cegasa based in Vitoria, SPAIN.

  • KENERSYS - Model K100 2.5MW - Wind Turbine

    The K100 2.5MW is the perfect turbine for IEC II and IEC III sites to provide a superior Annual Energy Yield.

    By KENERSYS GmbH based in Münster, GERMANY.

  • KENERSYS - Model K82 2.0MW - Wind Turbine

    The K82 2.0MW is ideally suited for medium wind speed sites (IEC II) and for sites with logistic constraints and height restrictions.

    By KENERSYS GmbH based in Münster, GERMANY.

  • Wind Farm Virtual Metering System

    Casco Systems developed an innovative Virtual Metering System (VMS) for a 250 MW wind farm in the mid-West. This system monitored real-time wind farm production and allocated MW & MWH values to offtakers based on variable contractual obligations and transmission access rights. The VMS allows the wind farm flexibility to provide power ...

    By Casco Systems LLC based in Cumberland, MAINE (USA).

  • InteliTrack - Model 2000 - Rail Tracking System

    Coastal sites require materials that will not be corroded by salt spray, and a design that stands up to high winds.The InteliTrack 2000 System is designed for coastal sites, constructed primarily of aluminum, and rated for winds up to 150 miles per hour.This system tracks the sun east/west through the day, and north/south through the seasons, so ...

    By Sedona Solar Technology based in Sedona, ARIZONA (USA). from Tracking System for Coastal Sites Product line

  • W2E - Model 2.0 2.0 MW - Wind Turbine

    The light weight wind turbine technology provides turbines for various locations. The W2E-93/2.0 turbine is most suitable for standard wind conditions and the W2E-100/2.0 for low wind speed sites. Both stands for most efficient wind power plants in its class.

    By W2E Wind to Energy GmbH based in Rostock, GERMANY.

  • Single and Double Bay Solar Parking Structure

    Our solar carport system is pre-engineered to meet local building codes as well as site specific wind and snow load requirements. This attractive yet robust design is easy to install and uses only bolted connections, no sheet metal screws that leave unsightly stains and leak rust on vehicles. This system uses a single column design which is ...

    By CRC Solar based in Moundridge, KANSAS (USA).

  • GE - Model 1.85-82.5 - Wind Turbine

    The GE 1.85-82.5 is the turbine of choice for IEC class II winds, and provides over 7% more AEP than the 1.6-82.5 at 8.5 m/s. The 1.85-82.5 turbine is available in tower heights of both 80 and 65 meters. These tower sizes both provide flexible options for Class II wind sites,as well as higher energy capture in a variety of challenging ...

    By General Electric based in Fairfield, CONNECTICUT (USA). from Wind Turbine Product line

  • General Electric - Model 2.85-100 and 2.85-103 - Wind Turbine

    GE's 2.5 MW series wind turbine platform moves to a wider range of site applications by introducing the 2.85-100 and 2.85-103 wind turbines for increased customer value. GE's 50.2 meter proprietary blade design offers a 9%+ AEP increase over the 2.5-100. Focusing on performance, reliability, acoustic emissions, efficiency, and multi-generational ...

    By General Electric based in Fairfield, CONNECTICUT (USA). from Wind Turbine Product line

  • Polaris - Model 100kw - Variable Pitch Wind Turbines

    A 100kW wind turbine produces enough energy to power 15+ homes. These are not residential turbines but are community-sized wind turbine that produce the right amount of power for school and university campuses, residential developments, farms, municipalities, and a variety of businesses ranging from injection molding factories to extrusion houses. ...

    By Polaris America, LLC based in Allenwood, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • Greenshine - Model BRIGHTA-30 - Solar Street Lights

    The BRIGHTA-30 is configured with a 30W LED fixture and a 150W solar panels. This light is configured for locations receiving a low amount of sun throughout the year; this light is a great fit for northern location in the USA, and for Canada. It can be used to light up streets, parking lots, parks, pathways and roadways. A specific energy saving ...

    By Greenshine New Energy LLC based in Irvine, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Brighta Solar Street Lights Product line

  • Adjustable Field Mounting System

    The adjustable variation monopole system, is a guarantee to your investment as it maximize your profits. The main part consists of a hot-dip galvanized IPE 140 on which the remaining parts, made of aluminium and inox related accessories, are assembled. The fact that we fully manufacture our products allows us to make any necessary configuration, ...

    By based in Varis, GREECE. from Field Mounting System Product line

  • Model D400 - Wind Generator

    Given average wind speeds at the site of around 12 mph, one D400 / StealthGen could realistically provide 15 - 20% of the average home’s annual electricity requirement.

    By Energy & Environment Ltd. based in Mancheste, UNITED KINGDOM. from D400 / Stealthgen Product line

  • S:FLEX - Carport Structures

    Solar design professionals understand how to maximize the solar energy production from any given site, and a common sense approach to column placement and span distances ensures the functionality of the parking lot is not compromised. Using innovative steel design and modern manufacturing techniques, elegant tapered beams and built up columns of ...

    By S:FLEX GmbH based in Hamburg, GERMANY.

  • General Electric - Model 4.1 – 113 - Wind Turbine

    GE’s 4.1-113 combines a proven design with GE’s unparalleled reliable technology to deliver the only built for purpose offshore wind turbine. The 4.1-113 is designed specifically for the offshore environment, with reliability and availability as the primary drivers. This machine includes direct-drive technology, built-in redundancy in ...

    By General Electric based in Fairfield, CONNECTICUT (USA). from Wind Turbine Product line

  • Steel and Aluminum Profiles

    Every day, we bend steel and aluminum profiles to round, organic shapes and into a countless number of geometric combinations. Our highly competent specialists pay attention to every single detail and focus on excellent craftsmanship. We have the world’s most qualified and specialized team and industrial park, where we solve the most ...

    By Sjolund A/S based in Sjølund, DENMARK. from Wind Energy Product line

  • Model E3120 - Endurance Turbine

    Dulas installed the very first Endurance turbine in the UK in 2010 and have completed several installations during 2011 and 2012. The Endurance E3120 is a high performing medium scale wind turbine. Its proportionately larger rotor diameter and swept area are specifically well suited to UK wind conditions and wind speeds. The power generation from ...

    By Dulas Ltd based in Machynlleth, Powys,, UNITED KINGDOM. from Wind Product line

  • Zebra - Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

    The Kliux Zebra vertical axis wind turbine is ideal for urban and residential environments as well as for off-grid locations with no connection to the electricity grid, and it can also be integrated with our hybrid wind solar system. It starts to rotate at low wind speeds, while generating enough energy to power your home or business. Save from ...

    By KLIUX ENERGIES INTERNATIONAL, INC. based in Albelda de Iregua, SPAIN.

  • ADES - Energy Roof

    Most advanced cities and infrastructures are incorporating architectural solutions able to take advantage of the available energy renewable resources for local energy generation. This means competitiveness and sustainability.

  • Model 100kw - Northern Power Systems

    Northern Power Systems have over 30 years of experience developing and manufacturing advanced, innovative wind turbines.  The company’s next generation wind turbine technology is based on a vastly simplified architecture that utilizes a unique combination of permanent magnet generators and direct-drive design. The turbine is available ...

    By Capture Energy Ltd. based in Redruth, UNITED KINGDOM.

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