Wind turbine control

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Animation: How Wind Turbines Work

    Animation: How Wind Turbines Work

    The windmill, which converts wind into rotational energy to mill grain or pump water, has been around since antiquity. It’s even been claimed that Ancient Babylonians planned to harness wind as early as almost 4,000 years ago, as part of a scheme for one of Hammurabi’s ambitious irrigation projects.By the end of the 19th century, wind energy took on a whole new meaning as engineers in ...


  • General manager of AVIC visit our company

    During the general manager of AVIC inspect 614 institute, he also visit the new energy products , the PV inverter , wind turbine generator and large-sized wind turbine control system which were developed by our company. He pay high attention to wind ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Household Wind Turbine

    Household Wind Turbine

    This household wind turbine is based on the well tested and dependable predecessor – Viking 25. All the good properties from the predecessor have been continued, but Viking VS has been streamlined on performance and made more flexible.