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3 Reasons Why Should You Use Solar LED Parking Lights for Your Lot

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If you’re opening a business with a new foundation for a parking lot, some of the most pedestrian aspects of the business are simultaneously the most important. We’ve recognized the need for several businesses in the past when it comes to proper lighting, so we know the biggest pain points. That’s what we tend to solve, however, with our solar light solutions. What follows are three points for any business owner to consider when it comes to lighting their parking lots. You don’t want to compromise on these.

The Lowdown for Solar LED Parking LightsLED Lights Provide More Accurate Color Reproduction

First off, solar LED parking lights are argued by many to the best for security. But how? The factor is in proper visibility. If you compare other lights on the market to what you’ll find with LED lights, you’ll find that the color reproduction under different lights (such as high-pressure sodium) isn’t very accurate. LED lights contain a much stronger “true” color reproduction than several other similar lights on the market. It helps during those times you might be lost trying to locate your car, when in reality it’s right by you--it’s just looks different because of the light. We can think of many other applications that are much more serious than a temporary forgetfulness of where you parked your vehicle. In that instance, it’s best to have the highest color reproduction possible.

The Details are in the Bills, Unfortunately

Lighting isn’t cheap, especially when it needs to be bright and expansive. We know several project managers and business owners that have come to us, desperate to drop their energy bills. Others have looked at the potential costs and wondered how they could afford such a high price point--one of our customers had a 90-thousand dollar bill just to install traditional lighting. It just isn’t as practical anymore to trench and connect expensive lights and then pay expensive bills when solar parking lot lighting is superior on the wallet. The average price of electricity in the US is about 12 cents per kWh. A parking lot with traditional lighting needs around 250 incandescent bulbs of 60W each. Let’s assume they work 12 hours a day. So [Bulb Numbers] X [Annual Hours of Operation] X [Utility Rate] X [Watt Reduction in Kilowatts] which totals....$7884. Obviously prices will range, but that’s no pocket change.

That’s specifically why so many project managers are switching to solar LED lamps for their lighting needs. Even without the cost of trenching to connect lighting to a power grid, the money saved on energy bills could be put to much better use--like investing.

Feel Good about Going Green

It’s a fact that we’re running into an energy crisis. The rising cost of energy nationwide points to an eventual higher energy crisis where we’ll have to turn to alternate methods of culling energy in order to sustain our way of living. We don’t know what’s in our future when it comes to energy prices, but we do know how we can address energy issues now!

A lot of project managers’ concerns are just about how much money can be saved by sticking with solar, but a much-welcomed side effect is by taking a “green” stance by using the world’s most abundant source of power--the sun. A clean, virtually endless energy source that requires no burning is the answer to our energy problems in the future. Be a part of the future, now, by switching to solar LED lamps for your public area.

In conclusion, the savings, security, and conservation facts are there. We invite you to take a look into the future and see how solar can revolutionize your parking lot needs. Keep people safe, conserve energy for the future, and invest in something for your business so it can reach new heights. That’s just what we do at Greenshine New Energy.

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