Greenshine New Energy LLC

Greenshine New Energy LLC

Greenshine New Energy specializes in developing and manufacturing customized solar outdoor LED lighting systems for a wide range of lighting applications. We provide cost effective, industry leading and proprietary solar lighting solutions for commercial, residential, and industrial projects. Our solar LED light systems are installed at over 5000 locations all around the world.

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23661 Birtcher Dr. , Lake Forest , California 92630 USA
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Solar Power
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Globally (various continents)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Greenshine New Energy, LLC. Specializes in developing and manufacturing customized solar powered lighting systems for a wide range of lighting applications. At Greenshine we specialize in solar street lights, garden lights, and lawn lights for outdoor applications. Our lights can be installed anywhere, especially areas where grid tied electricity is not available.

Our experienced engineering team is committed to providing our customers with high quality solar lighting systems and excellent customer service. Our facilities are ISO 9001:2000 certified, and our products comply with CE and RoHs criteria.

Our advanced engineering team develops, manufactures, and integrates high quality LED light sources, solar charged controllers, poles, and other major components. Each component of our solar system is carefully selected, integrated and configured to ensure that you receive the most compact, reliable and efficient solar system.

We aim to provide energy saving and environmentally friendly solar powered lighting solutions at competitive prices around the world.

Core capabilities

  • Solar powered lighting solution (We provide Solar powered solution for a wide range of application. We offer a wide range of fixture’s design, color, lighting type for the fixtures, and extensive choice of wattage and lumen output)
  • Outdoor lighting solution (We provide customized lighting solution for grid-tie application. We offer a wide range of fixture’s design, color, lighting type for the fixtures, and extensive choice of wattage and lumen output)
  • Lighting design and calculations (Greenshine New Energy provide useful and accurate lighting design according to customer requirements)


  • Customized street light (Each project has it’s own requirements for brightness, back-up days, working time. Greenshine design all its system according to the customer’s requirements)
  • Lighting design (Greenshine New Energy provide calculation and advise for location of the lights, in order to insure high efficiency of the street lights)
  • Installation supervision (Greenshine can provide on request training and assistance for on-site installation)
  • Retrofit engineering (Greenshine propose a service for customers that desire to keep their existing installation, but want to go solar)

Solar Panel
  • Mono-Crystalline solar cells
  • Aluminum frame with a unique design to withstand strong winds
  • Highly resistant tempered glass
  • Multi-layer EVA encapsulation with triple layer back sheet
  • 25-year power output warranty: 5 years/95%, 12 years/90%, 25 years/80%


GEL deep cycle battery with a 12 years floating design life is especially designed for frequent cyclic discharge under extreme temperature.

  • 80Ah
  • 120Ah
  • 150Ah
  • 200Ah

  • Corrosion-proof epoxy-encapsulated PCB (IP68)
  • Four-stage battery charging (main, float, boost, equalization)
  • Temperature compensated
  • Automatic system voltage recognition (12V/24V)
  • Customized by Greenshine to fit specific needs of clients
  • Easy to install

  • Guarantee light output, performance and system reliability
  • IDA Approved, Dark Sky Friendly
  • Die-cast aluminum construction housing 
  • ISO 9001:2000 quality management system standards

The Benefits of Solar Lighting Explained

Solar energy is evolving to be a staple for public benefit throughout the world. It has also been integrated into various outdoor lighting systems such as streets, parking lot, pathway, security, and signage lighting. Here are 7 main points why switching to solar is an ideal option. There’s a lot more to green energy than you might think, so stay awhile to learn about the benefits and advantages of solar lighting!

Take Advantage of Longer Lifespans

The recent solar technology is developed specifically with longevity in mind. The Cree LED lights are rated to last up to100,000 hours, while the batteries last 5-7 years on average. The solar panels themselves and the light poles are rated fortwo decades, so rest assured that your investment will pay for itself over time. Plus, LED lights can last up tofive times longerthan traditional high-pressure sodium lights, and even longer for other light technologies.  

Reduced Pollution

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) discovered through research that if solar was a world-wide energy solution, solar adoption would significantly reduce sulfur dioxide, nitrous oxides, and health-harmful emissions, reducing pollution and degradation of land throughdrilling and fracking. The amount of Carbon Dioxide emitted by all the street lights in the US is equivalent to the annual emissions of26 million vehicles. Pollution affects us in more ways than we immediately think, but solar is significantly better for the environment and public health.

Set it and Forget It Maintenance

Commercial solar lights require less maintenance than traditional lights–an occasional cleaning to get obstructions off of the panels, battery replacements, but not much else. Traditional lighting fixtures (High-Pressure Sodium typically) require more frequent replacements, one every5 years. It’s the proper combination of certain technologies that are rated to last a long time with a small upkeep for each functioning component that keep our lights shining. Less maintenance means less time and money spent. 

Highly Technological Systems

Our solar lights are constructed with mono-crystalline panels that are the most efficient on the market today (20% of total possible power), surpassing poly-crystalline (rated at 15% efficiency). Our latest lighting fixtures, the GS-260 Pro, 290D, and the NSDB Pro, are 15% more efficient with light than their previous models. Coupled with deep-cycle lead acid batteries rated to last 5-7 years, we’ve got some of the best equipment on the market, and every few years our engineers find ways to improve efficiency and costs. Every new model gets better than the last.

Keen on Community Security

Each of these solar lights provides sufficient visibility at any time of night due to the high-poweredCree LED bulbsin each fixture. This lighting solution increases security for communities, deters crime, enhances safety, and saves money due to decreased vandalism. A recent study headed by a research team in New York did a controlled trial of LED lighting that saw a drop in crime of 39 percent. We’ve solved similar problems that companies, rural businesses, and even schools have faced with vandalism and theft simply because our commercial lighting systems boost security when and where it’s needed most. They’re versatile for any public areas such as residential localities, parking lots, public parks, commercial areas, and streets.

The true costs of solar lights compared to traditional lights are very different from what they seem like on the surface. A unit of measurable energy for solar, the kilowatt per hour, has dropped by 73% since 2010. Those numbers don’t lie–neither do shortened receipts and smaller bills. Here’s a breakdown: 

  • The average cost of one traditional light, including the lighting fixture, pole, and base, averages $1,500 USD per light. Admittedly, because of the advanced technology required for solar lights, they are more expensive, averaging about $3,000 per light. 
  • The biggest difference between the price of traditional and solar lights lies in the installation. The trenching, underground wiring, and labor required by traditional lighting totals $150 per foot, which averages $4,500 for each light. However, the cost of installing a solar light is only $1,500, already a savings of $3,000 dollars. 
  • The third major cost lies in maintenance. Solar LED lights last 5-7 years and get repaired less frequently. Annual light repairs for HPS and similar lights average around 35 dollars annually. 
  • A normal 400-watt high-pressure sodium light uses $15.00 worth of power per month. Multiply that per light (10 is a common light number), per month, and you’re easily spending $1,800 per light system annually, just on energy usage alone. You spend 0 dollars on solar energy lighting since the light from the sun is free. Not a bad price.
  • If a solar lighting system costs $30,000 for a complete installation from start to finish, current tax incentives can see a return of $9,000 back. DSIRE lists a bounty of state and federal level incentives to earn money back–why not make money on your solar installation?
  • The annual price for a traditional light with installation costs $6,000, which is double the price of a solar light. Annual costs for maintenance, repair, and energy uses exceed solar lighting pricing significantly. The actual return on investment of a solar lighting system over traditional is more than 50%.

The Future

The International Energy Agency predicts that solar power will make up 16% of the world’s electricity by 2050 if we continue on this path. Be a part of that percentage by going solar–increasing safety, reducing pollution, and saving money by pulling power from the sun.

If you’re in need of solar lighting to save money, protect your grounds, and “go green,” as it’s said, click here to learn more. The benefits and advantages of solar lighting are here for the taking. Who knows, with your new solar installation you may receive attention from the media for installing environmentally-friendly lights and become the talk of the town.

Greenshine New Energy sets high standards in the design and production of its solar powered outdoor lighting. GNE has operating facilities in Asia, America and Middle East, enabling the corporation to manufacture or assemble its products in the United States in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations to comply with ARRA/ “Buy American”:

“The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009” Title XVI, Section 1605 (Public Law 111-5). “A manufactured good is a good brought to the construction site for incorporation into the building or work that has been processed into a specific form and shape; or combined with another raw material to create a material that has different properties than the properties of the individual raw materials.”

We guarantee that any imported material we use during the production of our Made in USA solar light products comprises a small portion of the final cost of our product. That way, you can be sure you’re supporting American corporations–keeping it “in house” at least with a portion of what is being purchased.

Please contact us for more information if you are looking for ARRA/ “Buy American” provision compliant lights for your project. We’d be happy to put together an estimation for your solar lighting project needs.

At Greenshine, we offer generous discounts to those affected by highly active and damaging weather or natural disaster conditions. Rest easy knowing your family, friends,and community will have the security of lighting in unsecure times. We stock complete systems in the USA, so they are ready to be shipped out whenever and wherever a calamity strikes. Contact our sales team today to see how Greenshine can get your city back up and running with outdoor solar LED lighting.