Avoiding the Power Grid with Renewable Energy

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For approximately one hundred years, thriving countries have been dependent on only one form of distributing power; electricity sent over large transmission grids from plants generating electricity, to customers in businesses, homes, and factories. 

Generators extract energy from rooftop solar panels, garbage, and sewage, which replace or assist coal, nuclear, and natural gas plants. A diverse mix of energy sources to replace systems in control now, is better for reducing climate change, according to the Institute for Local Self-Reliance.

In New York, hurricane Sandy left the much of New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey without power, except for a small portion of institutions. New York University’s Greenwich Village campus and a big housing complex in the Bronx, Co-Op City, disconnected from the grid before the storm hit, and continued to keep their lights on throughout the storm.

They were able to continue with power with aid from an on-site natural gas plant, which channeled residual heat into heating systems through a process called cogeneration.

Renewable energy sources, like wind, solar, and waste are less vulnerable to power outages due to traditional system overloads, and hectic weather.

Even with solar panels, only producing power when the sun shining, they still rely on the power grid for some of their energy. If homeowners with solar panels on their rooftops do require power from the grid, there are fees.

Unintended consequences from generating power off grid is people using the grid, people who cannot afford to generate their own power, will potentially pay very high electric bills due to fewer customers buying power from the utility companies.

Hope may lay in an example form poorer nations who leaped right over installing telephone lines, and jumped into wireless cell phone towers. Doing away with the grid, or side stepping it cannot go on forever, there is a need to unify the energy sources, or maybe it will be up to each individual to choose how they want to get their electricity.

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