Cost-efficient Solution for Already Paved Parking Lots

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The construction of parking lots is a very intensive exercise in every form. It involves a lot of heavy work and a lot of concrete as well. As is known, concrete hardens when it dries up and a large amount of prodding will get it damaged. Repairs may not leave the same smooth pavements and structures though.

Parking lots always require lights because cars usually remain parked for long hours and may even be picked when it is already dark. It is therefore very important to make sure that the lights are installed. Contractors that remember this will plan for lights in advance and begin digging trenches for the cables to be laid down. This is necessary for grid lighting since its connection to the grid, its power source, is these cables.

In the event that the parking lot was already paved before the lights came into the picture the situation takes a whole different turn. What happens to the paved parking lot? Will you have to take on losses as you destroy all the work done just to dig trenches for the wiring? It is very disheartening and expensive to have to do all that because even the labor costs have to be paid afresh for the demolition.

Better option

You will not have to go through that if you choose solar parking lot lighting. This is because this kind of lighting does not require the above-mentioned work. Installation of these lights just requires the presence of the lights themselves, someone that can follow instructions and available space.

Solar outdoor lighting is usually installed by stabilizing them with concrete. The digging is minimal and is for individual poles only. There is no wiring required since they are powered by the sun’s radiation. This translates to reduced work and a reduction in installation costs by about 75 percent as compared to grid lighting.

The unit comes with a solar panel, a battery, a controller and a light fixture and they all contribute to the efficient functioning of the light. The solar panel receives sunlight which is then converted to electrical energy and stored in the battery. The battery is protected from overcharging even when there is a lot of sunlight so that it does not get damaged easily.

Added advantages

There are times during the night when there is minimal traffic in the parking lot and the lights are of little use. These solar powered lights can be set to dim themselves thus saving energy and not giving out unnecessary light.

These lights have very few movable parts and that means that there will be fewer parts getting damaged or falling out. This reduces the maintenance costs by a huge margin. Remember that these are solar powered lights so they run exclusively on the sun’s energy which is available for free. That means that there will be no electricity bills at all and that is a welcome relief for most since they can consume a lot of energy considering they usually stay on for very long hours.   

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