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Nowadays, solar energy becomes in demand due to the increasing occurrence of new technologies and gadgets. With this, more countries from different cultures and races have discovered new and effective ways in order to utilize and maximize the benefits that environment can offer. Solar energy is one of the best examples they have discovered which brought profit and benefits to either the people who uses it or the company. What you need to know is that the solar energy becomes dominant through the help of different countries through spreading it. You might want to know what countries have developed solar.

Among the various countries that indulge solar energy, the country of China remains the most dominant market in the index which leads to the increasing growth of energy demands since China is known to be the country which has the largest energy user. For this reason, China industries seek and promote using solar energy because through it they can save more. Talking about solar energy usage in China, the solar Industries continue to speed the development of the solar energy which has a greater impact in supporting photovoltaic projects.

Last year, records show that China also installed 12 gigawatts of it last year and its target this year is 14 gigawatts. When it comes to  the installation of wind power, China has installed also 14 gigawatts last year and targets 18 gigawatts this year according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Furthermore, ranking by the consultants EY show that China Top over United States. When it comes to the wind installations in the United States in America, it has been said by the American Wind Association data that from 13,131 megawatts of wind installation it decreases to 1,084 megawatts in the year 2012. Also it said that “Even so, the subsequent renewal of the credit means win projects under contraction now top 12,000. In Japan, it leaped the United Kingdom to fourth place because of Japan’s expanding offshore-wind industries and solar.

Other countries have been rounded to top 10 such as South Korea, France, India, Canada and Australia. Through the use of index, a composite of several rankings, we are able to know how they asses the different industries and as well as the scoring of this various nations.

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