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Enerit helps European Schools become Energy Efficient

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Enerit are a key member of a consortium of energy specialists from across Europe under the EU VERYSchool project for energy efficient schools.

VERYSchool will integrate smart LED lighting, smart metering, BEMS, energy simulation and energy action management software into a platform called the “Energy Action Navigator” and demonstrate it in four Pilot locations in Europe. The four pilot schools are Middle School A. Manzoni (Italy), Voltri School Complex (Italy), the Professional School for Electrotechnics and Electronics (Bulgaria), and Institute Pupilos do Extército IPE (Portugal).

Enerit’s software will provide a systematic energy management approach based on ISO 50001 principles, configured specifically to meet the energy efficiency requirements of schools. Enerit ISO 5001 software was chosen as it uniquely covers ALL aspects of the ISO 50001 standard.

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