Exploring the ambitious Google-Project Loon!

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Google has proved itself best with its high quality services. It has taken an ambitious dream t provide internet access in remote areas and rural areas. This project is called ’loon for all’ or project loon.

Google is mile ahead of its competitor. The service, products and information provided by Google is just perfect. No one can dare to compete it anyway, anyhow. It has been proved once again with the fantasy project of Google- Project Loon. Wondering about this project..?? Let us have a discussion on this project.

Project Loon, tagged by loon for all by Google. It is a research and development program to provide internet access to the rural and remote areas of the entire world. Google took a strong aim to provide internet access to everyone at any place. High altitude solar powered balloons are involved in it. This is positioned in stratosphere at around 32 km. to provide at least 3G speed networks with wireless connection.

The system is designed to provide high speed broadcast connection in rural areas and remote areas during the time of disaster to help the victims through enhanced communication.

Team of project Loon:

The main members included in this ambicious project are:

1.    Rich DeVaul, chief technical architect, professional on wearable technology

2.    Mike Cassidy, a project leader; and

3.    Cyrus Behroozi,

4.    Networking and Telecommunication lead

Technology used in project Loon:

The technology is designed to eliminate the use of costly optic fiber cables. It is designed as to reduce the difficult underground installation of wires. The provision is that high-altitude polyethylene balloons will move in the entire world in wind with the parallel direction of latitude. Solar powered balloons will produce the electricity for the balloons after 4 hours to help in transmission. This transmission will take place and signal of internet would be transmitted to the ground station. And, hence internet access would be available to anyone at anyplace through the active distribution of ground stations.

Scope of Project loon:

This project has created a paradigm for others as well. That day is not so far, when even a small village will have high speed broadband connection. This would increase the opportunities of business. The trend is surely going to change in few years just because of this ambitious project.

Response of the outer world:

There is no doubt in that there is a brilliant science after that. But, there are many questions on the successful implementation of the project. Bill Gates questioned about this project in an interview session that how a person can save his life with internet connection when he is dying from certain kind of disease. He said I have doubt on the worth of this project in some serious problem. Its success is still in doubt but, the step and aim of Google is appreciable.

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