From Solar Rays to Electricity


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Solar energyrefers to solar radiation energy. Since the formation of the earth, organism relies on the light and heat provide by the sun to survive.Solar energyis a kind of renewable energy. The biggest advantage ofsolar energyis that it is inexhaustible on earth. And it is the basic source of many other kinds of energy, such aswind energy,chemical energy, thewater energyand so on. It is called the “green energy” friendly by scientists because of its characteristics of no pollution to the environment. Nowadays, the application ofsolar energyhas been widespread all over the world. In recent years, an increasing numbers of people pay more attention to it not because of its characteristics of the inexhaustible, but also our increasingly scarce oil resources.

To take advantage of solar energy, the best way is photoelectric conversion. In principle, the daytime solar panels would be to charge batteries. After the sun goes down, solar street lights are lighting with those batteries. As long as to be irradiated, voltage and current will come out instantaneously from the photoelectric semiconductor wafer itself. And those batteries can be used for the machines which require electric energy to drive for some place, like urban parks, road lighting, lawn, and can they also could be used for where the population density is low, where the traffic inconvenient, where there is lack of conventional fuel economy, as long as I just mentioned: there are plenty of sunshine.

Making use of the electric energy is the symbol of the second industrial revolution and since then human society had entered the age of electricity. Electricity is the object which represents the power ability of the current.

Electricity was divided into 'direct current (short for DC)' power and 'alternating current (short for AC)' power, these two kinds of electric energy can be converted into each other sometimes.

Electricity is a kind of power. To obtain electric energy, we should convert all kinds of other energy. There are some methods for conversion process. The conversion is the fact that we convert a variety of different type energies into electricity in different ways. As we know, the conversion which is from mechanical energy to electricity is the windy energy or water energy; the conversion which is from chemical energy to electricity is the fire energy; and the conversion which is from sun light to electricity issolar energy.

However in our daily life, the energy conversion process is the opposite to what said previously. While the light works, the conversion is from electricity to light energy; while the heater works, the conversion is from electricity tointernal energy of the water; while the horn works, the conversion is fromvoice energy to electricity…

Energy is our necessity. In order to benefit our next generation, we must vigorously protect natural resources on the earth. Because we hope that there is a kind of energy which is inexhaustible before those natural resources were used up.

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