Get Rid of Global Energy Poverty


This modern 21st century still contains millions of people who do not have sufficient access to electricity or clean cooking facilities. Energy poverty can basically be described as the lack of access to even the most basic needs involving lights and cooking. The income disparity worldwide has increased the gap between one portion of the population enjoying luxuries and gadget while the other majority suffers from severe energy crises.

Currently an average of two billion people is victim to this issue. These people are mostly situated in the isolated rural areas of Africa and Asian countries where electricity grid system has not even reached yet. This serious problem must immediately be addressed by governments and international institutions alike for the purpose of provision of energy to all areas globally.

The after effects of energy poverty are devastating and long lasting. Young school going children are forced to collect firewood for cooking purposes, availability of less income opportunities as working after dark is deemed impossible which further discourages any future education prospects for the newer generation. Other problems include the inability of certain developing countries to fund such an expanded infrastructure. The most convenient solution in eliminating this problem is generation of energy through cleaner sources such as wind, water and especially solar.

However, as such energy sources are much more costly in comparison to bio fuel or coal therefore, only large corporations or the state themselves can play a step in installation of such technical equipment and infrastructure. Agreements and steps taken worldwide to fund small scale low-returns projects are the only solution to considerably reducing our carbon footprint while simultaneously improving the living standards of millions of citizens. Recent years have witnessed a selfless move by numerous large organizations striving to reduce the energy crises in deprived areas.

Some successful famous examples include a US based five year ‘Power Africa Initiative’ project and the ‘Solar Energy Access Program’ by Ikeawhich will provide affordable and quality assured solar lights to poor households in order to save cost and curb pollution etc. Such steps are vital for worldwide growth and for the achievement of the UN Millennium Development Goals.

This escalated social issue on a global scale has long lasting consequences both economic and financial along with posing a threat to nation’s security as well as overall public health. Therefore, it is high time to expand the access of modern energy sources to farfetched areas and down to the household level in order to eradicate energy poverty from its roots.


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