How Does Solar Energy Transformed into Electricity?

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Many years ago, solar energy was never been the subject of all talks. Basically because the solar energy was never given that importance in people’s day to day life before. They just ignore and did not give attention on its importance. They fail to realize the importance of it. Now, as the period of modernized society where new technologies and innovations occurred came, the demand for electricity consumption becomes increasingly higher. And as it is increasingly rising, people tend to find ways on how to mend this due to having power shortage already.

As the development of solar energy came, many people were astonished and amazed. People who just ignore its importance before were made to realize how they fail to see the vital role it brought to their lives. Solar energy becomes popular in just a blink of one’s eye because of the great advantages and various benefits that we can get out from its development wherein it serves as the solution for the current problem that we are facing which is the power shortage. Now, many people have enjoyed the good result of this development but the question is, How can a solar power transformed in to electricity?

We already know that solar power was being converted from sunlight to electricity. It is either direct transformation or indirect transformation. Direct transformation is also known to be conversion through photovoltaic while indirect conversion through the use of concentrated power which was been used first in the year 1980s. In the transformation using the photovoltaic, they use the photovoltaic effect. The use of photovoltaic power is usually used to give power on small sized application. Typical example of small sized application is the calculator. The photovoltaic station can be found in India.

Compare to the use of concentrated solar power, they use mirrors and lenses and even tracking systems to get big area of sunlight to focus in to beam. The biggest solar power plant of concentrated solar power around the world can be located at California specifically in Mojave Desert. Aside from this, other large solar power can be found in Spain.

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