Powerful Solar Streetlight from Dusk to Dawn

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Courtesy of Greenshine New Energy LLC

Proper lighting leads to a lot more possibilities as opposed to when there is none. It is important to get the best quality of lighting so as to gain the most benefits from it. Lighting affects everyday life in so many aspects beginning with general illumination and more serious uses like security.

Security is an important consideration for any neighborhood. Lack of it causes a reduction in productivity among the population as they are forced to cut short their projects and head home before it gets too dark. Insecurity can also affect businesses since property can easily be stolen in the dark.

The Department of Public Works in the City of Blythe realized this and decided to take action. There is a storage yard in this area and they decided to work with Greenshine to light this facility up and get their security issues in order.

Lots of power and light

It took two 100W LED fixtures on each steel pole to begin the process. Each pole had four 150W solar panels affixed to it. The panels need a place to store the electrical energy after conversion and so four 200Ah gel batteries were mounted onto the pole. The batteries were placed in stainless steel boxes that are lockable.

That is quite a lot of lighting produced by a single streetlight. Many more were installed of course and this has led to increased brightness in this area. Workers have a much easier time in this region since security has been enhanced. It has also been found that brighter light actually increases the feeling of safety so apart from actually keeping any predators out, this light makes you feel safer thus increasing your productivity.

Accuracy and Flexibility

It is important to note that installation of lights is dependent on a number of factors to ensure that they are effective. Photometrics is used to find out how light gets disbursed. This will give the optimum position to place the poles for proper distribution of light. If you would like to be able to reach the batteries easily you can ask to have the battery box fitted a little lower on the pole. This is because batteries are probably the first thing that will need replacing but even though it may be a number of years.

Installing a solar streetlight is very simple, so much so that you can just read the manual and do it yourself without the help of any technician or contractor. It also takes a relatively short time so very little time is wasted.

The lights installed in the above project are very powerful and can ideally run the whole night. As soon as the sun begins to set the photosensor in the streetlight takes note of it and the light goes on. It will stay on until the sun comes out again the next morning unless there is any problem or the lights have been set to switch off at a certain time, probably when they are in minimal use.    

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