Removal of ecologically harmful pyrolysis gas and vapours


Courtesy of Hofstetter BV

Type     HOFGAS®- IFM4c/1000
Commissioning     August 2002
Site     Waste water treatment plants

As a result of new authority requirements, Romag AG set up operation of a plant for the drying and gasification of wastewater sludge. Drying vapours are formed during the sludge drying and pyrolysis gas during gasification. These emissions must be burned in an ecological way, in compliance with the local regulations. In addition, a side stream of the flue gas is withdrawn from the combustion chamber and recirculates as heat utilisation into the sludge dryer.

  • Continuous flaring of the pyrolysis gas and vapours
  • Complete combustion
  • Heat recovery out of the flue gas
  • Meeting the EEx-protection and safety requirements
  • Fulfil the local regulations

The combustion plant HOFGAS®- IFM4c/1000 is connected to the pyrolysis gas and vapour pipeline.
The pyrolysis gas is separated of the solid matter and condensate. In the combustion chamber the pyrolysis gas is mixed with the combustion air by special whirl-effect.
Propane gas support the gas mixture to enable the high temperature combustion of >1‘000°C with residence time >0.3s.
Variation of the gross calorific value and the quantity of the pyrolysis gas as well as vapours are adjusted by automatic control of the supporting gas.
Up to 70% of the quantity of the flue gas can be withdrawn via the flue gas connection in order to feed the sludge dryer.
Because of the high EEx-protection requirements a triple redundant safety concept was realised.

Client’s Benefits

  • Safe and economic combustion of the pyrolysis gas
  • Partial utilisation of the generated heat
  • Low-emission combustion in observance of the specified emission standard
  • High safety standard (EEx-protection)
  • High availability of the plant
  • Meeting the new requirements (no more sewage sludge distribution on the fields)

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