Siemens Takes A Good Step Towards Energy Efficiency

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The contemporary world today is facing a lot of economic and environmental challenges. It is important to find a quick and sustainable solution. Siemens, the market leader in power technology, concentrates on renewable energy, solar energy and wind power especially. The demand of solar energy and wind power in the United States is increasing as it is helping the nation to achieve the state of energy balance. So, the country is focused to increase the power generation using the solar energy and wind power. Taking all this into consideration, Siemens started with the wind project in collaboration with the MidAmerican Energy Company in the United States, and tested such solar energy applications as solar streetlights for future population. This grand project depicts the renewable power generation capacity of the United States.

Siemens also focuses on increasing the efficiency of the already existing power plants thus promoting more power supply with the existing smart grid. This will provide energy efficient solutions for the industries and buildings. Siemens is concentrating on the innovation in the field of wind power. The wind turbines by the firm are robust, reliable and extremely efficient in meeting the energy and environmental requirements. The company has installed around 5,000 wind turbines throughout the United States. The regions cover Hawaii, North Dakota, Texas, Washington, Pennsylvania, lowa and Kansas. It is predicted that solar energy applications is under construction, and will come out in the near future.

The projects completed by Siemens indicate that Siemens has been successful in supplying energy effective and reasonably costing solar energy and wind power technology. In 2013, the company received an order from the public utility Portland General Electric in the U.S. for the supply and installation of around 116 wind turbines at the Tucannon River Wind Farm in the Washington State. The wind farm will be functional in 2015 and will supply nearly 84,000 American households with Eco-friendly and cost effective electricity.

Siemens has also got a contract from The National Nuclear Security Administration to take up the construction of the federal government’s largest wind farm at the Pantex Plant in Amarillo, Texas. The five turbines of the wind farm will generate annual energy savings on an average of around $2.8 million and will efficiently supply more than 60 percent of the annual electricity requirements for Pantex. Fossil fuels are still an important part to supply stable energy to the country. Power plants, solar streetlights and gas turbines are the ones that contribute towards the efficient energy generation. As these resources are scarce, it is essential to use them efficiently. 

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