Solar Vs Grid-tied Lighting

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There are different types of connections that can be adopted to provide lighting in your home. Your choice will largely depend on what you want to use it for and how much of it you will need; even though everyone always wishes that they never have to miss a day of lighting.

Grid-tied lighting is where the system is dependent on the main electricity grid but a solar panel is also part of the mix. This can be obtained after approaching an electric company. Solar lighting is totally off the grid and therefore has no connection to it.

Power outage

Whenever there is a power outage in your region you are bound to experience it if you are using grid-tied lighting. This will leave you in darkness until the problem is fixed. It could be an issue if you need constant lighting. Those that live at the end of a distribution line or live in an area where power outages are a common fixture will have it roughest because these areas are usually last to be restored.

The solar panel however becomes your back up power supply during an outage. You continue to produce the energy you need without getting affected by an outage and if you produce any excess energy, you have the option of selling it back to the electric company.

Solar power

Solar lighting on the other hand is dependent on the energy converted from solar panels. You will have to put in special considerations like the type of lights to use so as to save as much energy as possible. The energy is stored in rechargeable batteries.

This gives you control over when you have energy to light your space. The problem comes in when there is minimal sunlight like during winter. The batteries end up with minimal energy to store which reduces the amount available for your consumption.

Some areas provide subsidies for installation of any kind of renewable energy source so as to encourage the movement from petrol-based fuel to cleaner energy. Taking advantage of this will reduce the cost of your installation thus making it easier for you to convert to renewable energy sources.

Backup power

The main difference between grid-tied lighting and solar lighting is when the solar energy is used. In grid-tied systems electrical energy remains the main source of energy until there is a blackout or if the owner chooses to incorporate it into their daily use to cut on energy costs.

Solar lighting remains exclusively run by solar energy at all times and gives the owner a specific amount of energy as generated by the sunlight. The connection to the grid is totally severed which leaves the home owner with a limited amount to use.

Getting off the grid is not always cheaper even though it may seem like a tempting idea, especially in an area with frequent power outages. Doing a thorough analysis of both options according to the conditions in your area will help you make a wise choice about the method that suits your needs better.

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