Various LED Fixture Designs

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Light fixtures come in different designs that can fit into any kind of environment. Having the right kind of fixture will allow you to fully enjoy the benefits of the lighting. Efficient lighting must however be able to save some energy and save you a lot of money while at the same time maintaining maximum productivity.

LED fixtures fit the bill perfectly and are what are mainly used for solar outdoor lighting. They provide the perfect consumption for solar powered lights. You will find that even these come in quite a number of designs. Variable wattage, varying input power types, different lighting distribution, different color temperatures and even different colors that are animal friendly.

Traditional LED fixtures take on a relatively simple design that would fit into any environment. They have a more curvy shape and are available in various colors for the casings. They are mostly used for lighting pathways, roadways, parks and streets.

More light

More modern fixtures feature a design with sharper edges and darker colors for their casings. They are much brighter and are ideal for lighting up large expansive spaces that require a lot of light. These include entrance areas, parking lots, roads and paths that are wider than most. They provide uniform light distribution throughout the area that the light is required. The wattage available ranges from 30 watts to 160 watts which are great outputs.

Light fixtures do not only serve the purpose of providing illumination. They can also add to the beauty of the area that they are lighting up. Decorative fixtures are built specifically for this purpose without infringing on the quality of light produced.

They feature circular designs that would pass for indoor use as well. Smaller fixtures can be used to light up gardens, pathways and entrances. Larger fixtures with bright light can be used for lighting corporate buildings, streets and parks that require a large amount of light. The light produced is bright enough and is very clear thus illuminating the area very well. The beauty and elegance provided by these fixtures is an added advantage to the already good performance.

Signage lighting

Where you need outdoor solar lighting for lighting up items like billboards and signs there is a variety to choose from. LED floodlights can be used to illuminate billboards and large monuments. Others can be fitted perfectly onto the edge of such billboards because of their rectangular shape thus lighting up the sign clearly. Where you need a replacement for floodlights that already exist but are of a different technology such as HID or HPS, these will allow you to make the extra cost savings.

Solar outdoor LED light fixtures are easy to install and provide value for money. The lighting produced is also good quality. Their lifespan is very long which means that there will be a minimal need for replacement. This cuts costs even further in terms of maintenance. There are also no utility charges since solar power comes freely from the skies.   

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