AOE Accumulated Ocean Energy Inc. (AOE)

AOE Accumulated Ocean Energy Inc. (AOE)

AOE Accumulated Ocean Energy Inc. (AOE) is an early stage alternative energy company with a proven concept to utilize the energy of ocean waves to compress air for use in multiple industries. By compressing air using a concept as simple as a bicycle pump and transferring it to shore, it eliminates the need to convert energy into electricity at sea, a major technical barrier faced by most wave energy concepts.

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P.O. Box 10, 2080 Kaltasin Road, , Sooke , British Columbia V9Z0E4 Canada
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Renewable Energy
Market Focus:
Nationally (across the country)
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Target markets for AOE’s patented systems include:

  1. Water Desalination – as climate change impacts the earth, weather patterns and rainfall have changed considerably in recent years. Lakes and rivers are running dry while other areas with traditionally limited rainfall are experiencing floods. Water desalination represents the largest immediate opportunity for the commercialization of AOE’s patented technology.
  2. Ocean Thermal Energy – by utilizing the difference in ocean temperature from the deep sea to the surface, AOE can generate a significant amount of compressed air for use in the production of energy. This can then be used on shore to support power generation in remote locations and eliminate the use of diesel generators.
  3. Ocean Oxygenation – as the water temperature in the ocean increases, coral reefs are dying and entire ecosystems are being destroyed. The AOE system allows for air to be compressed at sea and scrubbed of nitrogen providing an oxygen rich environment for the rejuvenation of marine life.

Simpler – By utilizing a concept as basic as a bicycle pump, AOE is able to compress air at sea and pipe it to shore where the technology for storage and power generation is well established.

Cleaner – There is no danger of spillage, contamination or pollution with the AOE system. It does not impact in marine life and in fact, enhances the development of fish colonies around it’s compressed air buoy system.

Cheaper – Generating power or electricity in the ocean and transferring it to shore by using sub-sea cabling is a hugely expensive and complex endeavor which presents both engineering and environmental challenges.

Storable – The technology to store compressed air is well established and can be held indefinitely until needed. Transporting a tanker truck of compressed air is cheap and efficient as the contents of the tank weigh virtually nothing. A tanker truck of compressed air has the equivalent energy potential as a tanker truck of gasoline.

Versatile – Compressed air can be used for water desalination, providing a source of energy for power generation and can be used for rejuvenating ocean dead zones. In addition, compressed air provides a natural refrigerant which can be used for cooling or freezing.