ATB-Becker Photovoltaik GmbH, was founded in 2012 as spin-off from the individual company ATB-Becker e.U. The ATB-Becker group has already been working in the photovoltaics sector since 1986 and is today considered one of the leading photovoltaic system providers and wholesalers in Austria. We supply European contractors with high-quality components and know-how gained from more than 25 years of experience in the photovoltaic sector. We offer our customers an honest and personal cooperation and help them with their projects. Furthermore, we provide product-independent planning and support our business partners with feasibility studies, potential analyses and complete system planning, including tender documents.

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Dörferstr. 16 , Absam , A-6067 A-6067 Austria

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Energy - Solar Power
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Regionally (various states or provinces)
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ATB-Becker was founded in 1982 by Eng.Gernot Becker. At that time, our main business area was the planning and construction of transmitting and receiving installations for broadcast companies, municipalities and households.

In 1986, we planned and constructed the first broadcast converter to be supplied only by solar power (photovoltaics). That was the start of the new photovoltaic business segment, which was further developed over the following years and finally became one of our main business areas.

In the mid-90s, besides photovoltaics, another branch was established which concentrated on other forms of renewable energy. Since 2002, this branch advanced to become the second main business field of ATB-Becker.

We take great efforts to distribute renewable energies. Today, the general discussion and the alarming reports on climate change show us that we are on the right way.


In 1986, we were looking for a sustainable energy source. The photovoltaic sector turned out to have a significant future potential and therefore became our main business area. In 2002, the ATB-Becker team established another very successful area - the Renewable Energies sector.


  • 1982 foundation of the company
  • 1986 construction of the first solar-powered broadcast converter
  • 1992 construction of the first grid-connected photovoltaic system
  • 1998 construction of Vienna's largest roof-integrated photovoltaic system at the Museum of Natural History
  • 1999-2002 Ladakh Project, development aid project for a social centre in Ladakh/India
  • 2003-2007 PV-Enlargement: ATB-Becker becomes the Austrian coordinator of the biggest photovoltaic project of the European Union.
  • 2012 foundation of the ATB-Becker Photovoltaik GmbH

Due to ATB Becker's realignment in 2012, the company split into two independent companies collaborating 'under one roof' in order to exploit synergy effects, occurred - ATB-Becker e.U. green technologies and ATB-Becker Photovoltaik GmbH. As the ATB-Becker Photovoltaik GmbH can now concentrate on its main business area photovoltaics - we are able to provide know-how at a very high level of quality. From grid-connected PV systems to hybrid systems from planning to professional support in the realization of your projects: ATB-Becker Photovoltaic GmbH takes another big step forward into a sunny future.His

Our future achievements will depend on two important findings: The development of human life was only possible because of the binding of a great part of CO2 in fossil energy sources in the Earth's crust. However, various experts agree on the fact that the oil production has already passed its peak. Once we realise that oil supplies are dwindling, value and cost of this energy source will increase tremendously.

ATB-Becker Photovoltaik GmbH and its team have made it their business to be part of the necessary 'energy change' and take their responsibility in society.

In order to achieve this, we try to disseminate photovoltaics, a clean and healthy energy source, at the best. Join us on this exciting journey into a fututre of renewable energies.