Biogas Engineering S.r.l

BIOGAS ENGINEERING S.r.l. is an engineering company founded in 2005, specializes in the design and construction of plants for the production of biogas. Researches and develops technologies patented in Italy highly functional and cost-effective for the customer, in the production of biogas and its use as a renewable energy source. Biogas Engineering Srl studies all phases that contribute to the production and use of biogas:pre-treatment of feed materials, anaerobic digestion, post-treatment of digestate and biogas.

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Corte Ferrighi, 11 , Noventa Vicentina , 36025 Italy

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Energy - Bioenergy
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Internationally (various countries)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Biogas Engineering, established in 2005 by Dr. Luciano Zoia, is an engineering company that specialises in the design, implementation, management and assistance of plants for production biogas as a source of renewable energy.

Biogas Engineering, uses technology italian.

The company operates in agricultural and livestock, waste treatment (civil, agro-food, etc.), and slaughterhouse waste.

Biogas Engineering follows the entire order,  from the study of the feasibility of the initiative up to the final testing.

Is able to satisfy requests for installations of different potential, according to the need of the customer:

  • Low capacity   ⇒   (from  50kW ti 300kW)
  • Medium capacity   ⇒   (from 350kW to 700kW)
  • Hig capacity    ⇒   (from 800kW to 1000kW e over)

The company has so far built and managed approximately 30 projects, the number of projects is constantly increasing, since there are already committed to be in the process of authorization and construction.

Biogas Engineering is focusing a lot in European countries and elsewhere, which is offering innovative and cost-effective technologies.

Biogas Engineering has brought together a team of professionals who are specialised in a wide range of disciplines, highly capable of managing your entire project, from the initial feasibility study to the final inspection of your plant.

The qualified professionals in our team can provide you with a full plant design in terms of building, thermo-hydraulics, mechanics and electrics with tailored assistance during the construction phase.

What's more, we are continually collaborating with external professionals in researching innovative technological solutions.

The team follows all the main phases:

  • feasibility study
  • business plan
  • development of ad hoc solutions for the clients individual needs
  • financing support
  • authorisation procedure
  • executive project
  • final project
  • construction of plant
  • supervision of works
  • assistance on the building site during construction
  • system testing
  • process monitoring
  • organic support
  • routine maintenance
  • technical consulting/plant management

Our  objectives:

  • create biogas production plants which are highly functional, very cost-effective and a perfect match with the needs of each client. We aim to provide optimal solutions regarding plants, production and management and make the most of the available means and resources.
  • guarantee the full functionality of the system in order to ensure that the customer is sure of and satisfied with their investment.
  • research innovative technological solutions in order to keep pace with the renewable resources market and global energy needs.