Welcome. Biogas Plus, your expert for all aspects of biogas production. We combine years of experience of the biological process with a lot of know how on the required technology. This applies to co-digestion, digestion of waste and to manure digestion. Biogas Plus is unique. Next to the producion of high quality biogas against the lowest possible costs, we focus on the processing of manure and digestate. We have developed several drying installations and a modular pasteurisation / sanitization system. Biogas Plus is your partner for everything that has to do with biogas and the processing of digestate.

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Dubloen 6 , Deurne , NL-5751 PX Netherlands

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Energy - Bioenergy
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

Biogas Plus can offer you the following:

Biogas installations

Construction: turn-key, sub-supplier, engineering, optimisations

  • Consultancy: feasibility studies, licenses, etc.
  • Biology: biological support, troubleshooting, analyses
  • Additives: enzymes, bacteria, iron water

Drying installations

  • Drying installations for (semi)solid products like manure, wood chips, pulp, corn
  • Thickeners for liquids like manure, sludge


  • Pasteurising / sanitation installations for the sanitation of manure / digestate

Pump system

  • Vacuum Pressure Tank for pumping of liquids with a relatively high level of dry solids

Other components

  • Mixers / agitators
  • Condensation shafts
  • Instrumentation
  • Desulphurisation
  • Etc.