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Biogas Systems designs, builds and deploys turnkey systems for the collection and conversion of biogas. We are a strong and acknowledge operator with experience and resources for all different kinds of areas and applications. A Key Part of what we offer is a unique gas collection system for landfill sites. Biogas Systems is also a strong partner regarding construction of digester and biogas reactors and biogas handling on waste water treatment plants.

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Norrgårdsgatan 9 , Sunne , SE-686 35 Sweden

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Energy - Bioenergy
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Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Our mission is to build complete biogas plants and related equipment for applications such as the environmentally friendly production of electricity and heat. We develop, manufacture and market complete solutions for landfill gas facilities (waste tips), digester plants and treatment plants. Our product offering includes complete solutions for generating electricity and heat using gas engines, gas turbines and gas boilers.

Biogas Systems has its roots in Sunne, in mid-west Sweden. The business was founded in 1985 and has during the last 30 years concentrated on building landfill gas plants or served as partner to other operators in the biogas area, thus acquiring extensive experience that benefits our customers.

For the first 25 years we operated under the name VÄRMEKOLLEKTOR AB. We acquired our present name, BIOGAS SYSTEMS AB, in 2010.


Most of our systems are produced at our own plant in Sunne. We have our own resources for all mechanical machining and install the necessary electronics on site. The fact that we do everything under the same roof gives us advantages. It allows us to make changes quickly and easily during a project, and adapt individual components to match specific requirements.

Production plant
In our machine shop we fabricate the piping system, which together with instrumentation, is installed in the prefabricated gas station. In the electrical shop we build systems for monitoring and process control. This is where we program the PLC system and operator’s panel, and where we test run the entire gas station before it is delivered and installed at the customer’s site.

While the gas station is being built in Sunne we work at the landfill site on the construction of the gas collectors and piping system, which together with the condensers and other equipment create a complete and highly reliable gas collection system. By the time the gas station is delivered everything is ready for fast and straightforward connection to the gas collection system.

Biogas Systems naturally also assists with the commissioning and training of operating staff.

Our Vision
Biogas Systems’ vision is to transform an environmental problem into an economical, sustainable source of income by:

  • providing complete solutions within our business areas
  • continuously develop our products on terms of quality and ecology

Objectives Within 5 Years

  • market-leading position within our business areas
  • global representation

We aim to reach around the world
Our customers are mainly found in the energy sector and among municipal and independent waste management companies. We are currently active throughout Scandinavia and parts of Europe and North Africa.

At the same time our business plan builds on using our expertise and knowhow to extend our geographic coverage. Our goal is to gradually extend our expertise and our systems to other parts of the world as well.

Environmental Solutions That Win in the Long Term
BIOGAS SYSTEMS develops environmentally sound and financially profitable solutions for energy and biogas plants. We take a complete approach to the whole process, from analysis, design and engineering, to manufacturing and installation of turnkey plants.

A key part of what we offer is a unique gas collection system for landfill sites. Using technology developed by us, harmful methane gas from the decomposition process is turned into green energy that can be used to generate electricity or provide heating. This is a smart, complete solution that converts a difficult environment problem into a lasting and sustainable source of income – in a single process.

BIOGAS SYSTEMS is also, by great resources and experience a strong partner regarding construction of digester and biogas reactors and biogas handling on waste water treatment plants.

The system is based on more than 25 years experience acquired by our skilled staff, many of them trained to EGN 2014, BGA 05, DBE’s and TUKES guidance notes on biogas use.


When Biological waste is decomposing in an anaerobic environment, methane gas and carbon dioxide is formed.

Biogas can be recovered through specially developed digester reactors or in municipal treatment plants, but also in other processes, for example at landfill sites.

Biogas has many different applications. With a high energy exchange it can be used as fuel for cars and other vehicles. It can also be used as a environmentally friendly source of energy for heating and generating electricity.

BIOGAS SYSTEMS is specialists on development and production of complete biogas solutions.

Gas collection for landfill sites

Waste tips and landfill sites around the world produce gases that affect the environment. From the environmental perspective this gas is a problem. Methane gas that escapes into the atmosphere without being collected is a major contributor to the greenhouse effect. It is also foul-smelling and can cause fires that are difficult to extinguish. The harmful effects of this gas have led to regulations that impose a duty on the landfill owner to prevent environment impact.

But if the gas is correctly used it can instead become a valuable resource. It provides a renewable and environmentally friendly source of energy for heating and generating electricity.

BIOGAS SYSTEMS has developed a technology that converts harmful methane gas into natural energy. This is a complete solution that uses a specially developed system to transform what was a difficult environmental problem into a lasting and ecologically sustainable source of income.

Construction of digester and biogas reactors

Knowledge and experience of landfill gas collection makes us a stable and secure partner regarding construction of digester and biogas reactors and biogas handling in municipal treatment plants.

By competence and solid experience we can take responsibility for contract work, projecting, construction, and service of gas plants, including gas engines, gas turbines and gas boilers.