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Clarke Energy is a multinational specialist in the engineering, installation and maintenance of gas-fuelled power plants. Our facilities deliver fuel efficiency and help reduce carbon emissions. Applications include combined heat and power (CHP) with natural gas, biogas, landfill gas and coal gas. We are a the largest authorised distributor and service provider for Jenbacher gas engine business. Our services range from the supply of a generating set, through to the turnkey installation of a multi-engine power plant. The company’s focus is on delivering quality installations, backed up with reliable, accountable aftersales support. We have a culture of integrity and high ethical standards. Clarke Energy has a dedicated, highly-trained team of sales, engineering, project management, commissioning and maintenance staff deployed around the world.

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Power House, Senator Point, South Boundary Road, Knowsley Industrial Park , Liverpool , Merseyside L33 7RR United Kingdom

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Clarke Energy service engineer with customer at the Tronox furnace gas multi-engine CHP facility in South Africa

Clarke Energy is an award-winning multi-national specialist in the engineering, installation and maintenance of engine-based power plants. Our offering includes both gas and diesel-fuelled technology.  We are the largest authorised distributor and service provider for Jenbacher gas engines. Clarke Energy can either supply an individual generator, or deliver an EPC turn-key multi-engine power plant backed up by long-term service support. Clarke Energy is a specialist in high efficiency utilisation of fuels and is an innovator in the field of combined heat and power (CHP) or cogeneration technology.

Clarke Energy has multinational operations in Algeria, Australia, Bangladesh,BotswanaFranceIndia, Ireland, Lesotho, Morocco, MozambiqueNew Zealand, Nigeria, South Africa, Swaziland, TanzaniaTunisia and the United Kingdom. Clarke Energy is committed to delivering the highest quality installation along with a reliable, localised service support network in all the territories in which we operate.

Clarke Energy provides added value to the customer by acting as single point of contact from initial sale, engineering, project management, installation through to commissioning and long-term maintenance of your generation asset. Clarke Energy has significant experience in a wide range of different gas applications including natural gas,biogas, landfill gas and coal gases.

Gas based power generation projects are present in a variety of different applications. Natural gas systems focus on high efficiency generation from natural gas, which has the lowest carbon emissions of all fossil fuels. Biological gases are renewable fuels and originate from the degradation of organic matter by microorganisms and include biogas, sewage gas and landfill gas. Gases associated with coal deposits provide the opportunity for the generation of power whilst avoiding carbon emissions. Finally special gas applications are some of the most challenging gaseous fuels including syngas from biomass and waste and gases originating as a by-product from metal furnaces.

The largest landfill gas power plant in France at Plessis Gassot

Generating projects are typically for continuous base load power generation where the generator is required to run continuously throughout the year. Alternatively gas engines can be utilised to provide peak lopping capability where a rapid response is required to cope with fluctuations in power grid requirements. Jenbacher gas engine can be utilised in a straight electricity generation, combined heat and power (CHP)/cogeneration , combined cooling, heat and power (CCHP) / trigeneration orcombined heat, power, cooling and CO2 recovery / quadgeneration configuration.

Individual gas engines are currently available from 249 - 9,400 kW electrical output. Multi-engine power plants consist of many individual engines and can be up to  ~100MW in electrical output. Engines can be installed directly into a building, or alternatively for the fastest installation can be provided as modular plug and play containerised generating sets. In most cases we design and perform turnkey installations and commit to long-term maintenance contracts guaranteeing availability. All with the purpose designed, high efficiency, clean burning reciprocating gas engine.


Clarke Energy's Early Years
Clarke Energy started trading in 1989, providing spare parts world-wide to users of marine, industrial and locomotive diesel engines. The company at that time was based in Aintree near Liverpool and was head by Jim Clarke. By 1992 the company had grown to 40 people and had a growing turnover. In 1992 new purpose built premises were purchased at Unity Grove, Knowsley Business Park in Liverpool.


From Strength to Strength
The company has continued to grow and now provides employment for a workforce of over 1000 across sixteen countries globally. The company moved to its international headquarters, ‘Power House’, in 2000 which are situated in Knowsley Industrial Park near Liverpool.

The Clarke Energy of today has transformed dramatically since Jim Clarke first took a controlling stake in the company. Jim set about restructuring what was at that time a diesel engine spare parts and service business. The first few years saw many changes, which eventually led to Jim taking complete ownership. A key milestone came in 1995 when the company was appointed as the exclusive

UK distributor for Jenbacher – now one of the world’s leading manufacturers of gas-powered reciprocating engines and co-generation units. This was largely thanks to the company’s strong service based operation and enviable reputation for top quality, reliable and accountable customer service.


Ongoing global expansion
In 1997 the company changed its name to Clarke Energy Ltd. Since this point in time Clarke Energy has helped develop many cutting-edge renewable and high efficiency gas generation projects including some of the early landfill gas power plants, CHP facilities (such as at Dundee University), coal mine methane and more recently quad-generation plants. Complimentary to the installation of these units, the company has developed dedicated Jenbacher product service support facilities with remote monitoring, spare parts stock-holding. The company also has two of the few GE authorised Jenbacher full engine rebuild and refurbishment facilities globally, in both Knowsley and Dhaka. On the back of the successful partnership between Clarke Energy and Jenbacher, the company began to expand overseas. 1998 saw Clarke Energy being awarded with the distributorship in Australia and New Zealand, soon followed by Nigeria in 1999.

In 1999 the company successfully attracted investment from 3i plc to enable it to ramp up its ambitions for growth. It was then only a few years until the acquisition of Cogen India and Jenbacher France in 2003 and 2004 to further expand Clarke Energy worldwide. Completing the current Clarke Energy worldwide offices are Ireland (opened in 2005), Tunisia (in 2008), Algeria (2011), Tanzania (2012) and Bangladesh (Following the acquisition of Orient Energy's Bangladeshi operations in 2013), South Africa (following the acquisition of GE's South African Jenbacher service business and Agaricus Trading in 2013) and finally Cameroon (2015).


Investment in Growth
Since 1989, the company has continued to grow year on year with employee numbers and turnover figures consistently rising. In 2010 Jamie Clarke, Jim’s son, was promoted to become Chief Executive Officer, with Jim retaining the position of Chairman. Also in 2010, following a successful ten-year relationship, the company completed the buy-back of shares from 3i. As part of plans for ongoing future expansion, in 2012 ECI partners bought a minority stake in Clarke Energy.

2015 saw a record turnover for the Clarke Group of over £233m, with the number of employees passing 1,000 worldwide.


Clarke Energy is dedicated to ensuring the safety of our employees and subcontractors. Clarke Energy Ltd (UK) has achieved both OHSAS 18001 and CHAS certification and works to these standards across Africa. Clarke Energy (Australia) Pty Ltd holds AS/NZ 4801 certification. The company is delighted to have won the International British Safety Council Award for fifth teen consecutive years since first participating in 1999. Clarke Energy ensures that its employees are protected to the highest levels with personal protective equipment that exceeds legal requirements and procedures in place to minimise any risks associated with our employees work.

Due to the nature of our work the company recognises the need for ensuring the highest levels of gas safety procedures are also attained. The company is therefore a participant in the Gas SafeTM scheme which has superseded the CORGI register. It is a legal requirement in the United Kingdom that any company doing any gas related work must be on this register.

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