The ConDex System utilized specialized metallurgy, and proprietary design engineering to significantly enhance the heat transfer process in a wide variety of applications. TheConDex System is also dramatically smaller and far more efficient than competing designs. As a result, the ConDex System costs far less to operate and maintain. Yet is has no impact on the exhaust source and operates in conjunction with your existing operation. Better still, in addition to the significant financial benefit, the ConDex System also reduces associated harmful emissions such as NOx, SOx, and CO2 greenhouse gasses from your operation.

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Combustion & Energy Systems Ltd. is pleased to introduce the ConDex in-stack condensing economizer system, the next breakthrough in efficient and cost-effective energy recovery systems from the people that have  pioneered condensing heat recovery in North America.

Since 1977 Combustion & Energy Systems  Ltd.  has  been  helping our customers recover energy in the most  effective ways possible by providing systems that  bridge the gap between waste heat sources and the best uses for the recovered energy.   Waste  heat  sources and the possible uses for the recovered  energy are extremely varied, which is why Combustion  & Energy Systems customizes its energy recovery  equipment to suit each application. Combustion &  Energy Systems Ltd. has the knowledge and experience  to take you past a standard heat exchanger  application and provide you with an energy recovery  solution best fit to maximize your energy savings needs