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Depar Solar is dedicated to total customer satisfaction. Professional engineering with high quality solar pv products, premier contract services, and unmatched service support, Depar Solar’s corporate culture is dedicated to ensure your complete satisfaction with Depar Solar and high quality products of well-known global partners. Depar Solar provides premier professional EPC services, customer support, and education services through the Depar Solar Professional Services organization. To ensure our customers’ continued success, Depar Solar regularly surveys customers and provides an opportunity for them to exchange ideas on current trends in contract management. From products and services to support and obtaining customer feedback, Depar Solar corporate culture is based on ensuring the success and satisfaction of each part.

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Anadolu Macunkoy , Ankara , Ankara Province 06370 Turkey
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Solar Power
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Globally (various continents)

These are the objectives of Depar and its mission since 1984. In nearly quarter a century the Company’s activities are; developing capabilities and technologies which have made us well known in solar energy, hydroelectric and energy consulting in Turkey. 

Having a team consisting of technicians, engineers, designers and installers, Depar design and install the most efficient components to give to each client the most appropriate solution to maximise the profit from solar and hydro energy.

Depar Solar is a well organised company in terms of project management and industrial solution making for energy needs of its clients. Always agile and flexible, responding to market needs and challenges, due to its strategic planning.

Each and every year millions of tons of carbonmonoxide and other dangerous gases are exhausted to the atmosphere on Earth. Providing efficient solutions by means of renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and hydroenergy to this increase of air and land pollution Depar Solar is working for a healthy and clean environment for a beter future to our children.

Building a solar project protects you from future increases in energy prices.

Reduce Pollution

Households consume a large part of the energy pie.  Solar projects to reduce energy consumption have a significant beneficial effect on fossil fuel emissions.

Reduce Dependence on Fossil Fuels:

Being at the mercy of (or in the center of) middle east turmoil, and paying out $15+ billion  a month for foreign oil is no fun!   So, put on your tool-belt and do something about it!

Good projects to get the kids involved in, illustrating how the sun works, and how best to take advantage of it.

This is something that our great-grandparents understood, but we have lost over the last century of extreme dependence on fossil fuels.

Solar: Your affordable clean energy solutionSolar energy offers several distinct benefits over utility power and other forms of on-site electrical generation. An investment in a solar energy system delivers the following benefits:
  • Solar is a fixed cost hedged against rising energy costs
  • Solar provides a compelling return on investment of 10% or more in many cases
  • Solar energy systems are highly reliable and have low maintenance costs
  • Solar is the only 100% clean, completely silent energy generation technology
With solar, your company can buy 30 years of clean energy for about the same cost as 4 to 7 years’ worth of utility energy. It’s that simple.