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Ecoarea better living, in Rimini, is a centre which organizes events, with interior and exterior areas, used for commercial, cultural and recreational purposes. Built in bio-construction, Ecoarea integrates energy efficiency solutions, green-oriented decors and a advanced domotic technology. In the sector of renewable energies, Ecoarea has a consultation and information role which pleases the incoming application from companies, public administrators and experts. Thanks to outdoor spaces, a private parking lot, an indoor restaurant and a few kilometers far toll booth, this building represents the perfect place where you can create impressive events, and it’s able to spread actual values such as the contact with new business models and with new life styles.

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Via Rigardara 39 , Cerasolo Ausa , Rimini 47853 Italy
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Renewable Energy
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Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Ecoarea better living is about net working morals and benefits, giving value to constructive meeting between people, experts in several subjects and companies. All of this in a work and exchange place, which transmits sense of belonging, involvement and wellness. 


  • To create a modern commercial platform and a means of knowledge for the whole Green Economic community.
  • To spread awareness and respect for the environment and its natural resources, while promoting ethics in business management, public institutions, and in the conscience of each individual human being.
  • To build a shared global network and a large eco-sustainable community.
  • To encourage creativity, quality, innovation, and research forming a network of: companies, spin-offs, universities, government agencies, private organizations, partners, and European citizens, working together on the road to make planet Earth a better place.
  • To be recognized as a reliable media source and a competent contact for advising the corporate and household application of sustainable technologies and products.
  • To replicate the project in other Italian cities and abroad, establishing Ecoarea centers in many parts of the world, because environment and well being belongs to all of us.

Having reference points such as the United Nations Environment Program, which operates since 1972 in favor of environmental protection and the sustainable use of natural resources through the United Nations Environment Program, and the Working Groups of the National Council of the Green Economy, Ecoarea better living has identified some strategic sectors in which set priorities for the promotion and communication of activities completely (or also partially) sustainable. These are materials with low environmental impact, green technologies, energy efficiency, renewable energy, ecosystem services, sustainable mobility, organic food, reuse design as well as finance and credit. Each of these strategic sectors is somehow represented in the SMART builiding, as well as in tangible and intangible aspects of the general project. Therefore, the building acts as a 'permanent exhibition' of more urgent and universal green issues, able to get the attention of professionals, businesses and the general public interested in the Green Economy.

Ecoarea was founded in order to connect demand and supply of a new sector, theGreen Economy. This newly established sector, has the potential to become the backbone of a new economy, that is not based on wasting resources, but on their more intelligent and sustainable pursuit. Today we see that the regulations made for environment protection have become an important stimulus for re-innovation. Citizens and consumers have a growing interestto get up-to date information on these processes, particularly in terms of convenience and saving. This information function, especially in the field of eco-innovation, is required for professionals like archticets, industrial designers,urban planners and energy managers to name but a few. In Ecoarea, professionals get to know and experience the advantages and technologies of the innovative products of the exhibiting companies. Enterpreneurs, academics, professionals and supporters of sustainable development find in Ecoarea the right atmosphere and platform for exchanging information and doing business; not only for themselves, but for the environment and mankind. Experiencing directly what is really green as well as changing our lives in better living, is integral part of Ecoarea's mission.Emphazing our mission we host and organize weekly workshops, seminars and events, often open to the public, around the above mentioned field of topics.