Element 1 Corp

Element 1 Corp

Element 1 Corp (dba e1) is a leading developer of small-scale to micro-scale clean energy technologies, including advanced hydrogen generation systems supporting the fuel cell industry. e1 has developed innovative products that are scalable, reliable, affordable, and provide flexibility allowing for easy integration into our customers solutions. The company collaborates with strategic partners to aggregate technology and expertise resulting in state-of-the-art chemical process systems to support alternative and clean energy. Novel technology is licensed to e1 partners, enabling application of technologies across a wide range of products, markets, and applications.

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63050 Plateau Drive , Bend , Oregon 97701 USA
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Industry Type:
Hydro Power
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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With expertise in small-scale reactor design and membrane hydrogen purifiers, e1 offers solutions for on-site hydrogen generation (fuel cells, hydrogen refueling, and industrial manufacturing), and mobile (on-board) hydrogen generation (fuel cell electric vehicles).

For more information on how e1’s hydrogen generation technology can provide hydrogen on-site and on-demand for your PEM fuel cell application, give us a call.

Vision & Mission

Hydrogen will be the fuel for our future.  As fuel cell power products are adopted across industries, there is a need for developers to provide innovative solutions to remove barriers to affordable hydrogen.

Be the leading global developer of hydrogen generation technology and products.

Accelerate worldwide adoption of fuel cell technology by providing products which effectively solve the hydrogen challenge.