ennox biogas technology GmbH

ennox biogas technology GmbH

The company ennox biogas technology is an international manufacturer and developer of biogas components for waste water treatment, sewage and landfill plants. Product range includes: Gas Combustion; manual, automatic, mobile and high temperature gas flares; digester equipments; gas treatment; gas storage systems, etc. ennox biogas technology is an engineering company specialised in biogas components for landfill plants; manufacturer and supplier of manhole; developer of foam trap: manufacturer and supplier for gas treatment (condensate pot, gas chiller, activated carbon filter), manufacturer of gas combustions; supplier of gas flares; supplier of gas storage systems; supplier of biogas storage systems; pressure less gas storage system and double membrane gas storage system. The company is based in Austria.

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Neulandstr. 36 , Hard , Vorarlberg A-6971 Austria
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Globally (various continents)
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$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

Ennox biogas technology – is one of the leading companies in the area of biogas treatment, gas storage technology and gas flaring technology. Our modern gas components cover the entire bandwidth of biogas equipment – starting with digester equipment, such as gas dome, manhole and foam trap – to gas cleaning via gravel filters and ceramic fine filters, active carbon filters and biogas dryers – extending to our proven pressureless biogas storage system / gas bag or gas combustion in flare systems.

Special emphasis is placed on the manufacturing of robust and cost-efficient biogas flares for agriculture and on development and implementation of technologically high-quality landfill gas flares and sewage gas flares. In this area, with our many years of experience we can provide the perfect gas flare system for safe combustion of flammable (and non-flammable) gases.

For the combustion of landfill gas in particular, our engineers have developed optimal and flexibly adaptable system solutions with gas treatment, gas storage, pressure booster systems, as well as landfill gas flares.

An additional product group is comprised of our sludge heat exchangers, specially developed for digested sludge systems. Maximum efficiency with a minimal ecological footprint is the stand-out characteristic of our sludge/water heat exchangers and our sludge/sludge heat exchangers.

Based on our extensive engineering knowledge gained through many years of experience we are your partner for state-of-the-art gas products and holistic system solutions – to protect our environment.

As international as our company is our team. Different mentalities lead to different perspectives and to continuous further development.

Our corporate headquarters is located on Lake Constance in the heart of Europe- the hub of our worldwide activities.

Working where other people are spending their vacation with a highly motivated team: small, powerful, competent.