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Flex Technologies is a solution provider for biomass power, heat and CHP generation. We provide biomass gasifiers, gasification power and CHP plants and fuel for domestic heating, small and large boilers and CHP plants. Flex Technologies supplied the world`s first commercially operating biomass heat and power plant operating on sunflower husk briquettes. This CHP facility uses waste sunflower husk from a sunflower oil mill and has a rated capacity 700 kW electricity and 800 kW of hot water. Option for process steam is available. Click on the right to see a video of the CHP plant in operation.

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Eastway Enterprise Centre 7 Payne`s Park , Hitchin , Hertfordshire SG5 1EH United Kingdom

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Energy - Waste to Energy
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Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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The conversion of waste biomass into energy via gasification is receiving increased acceptance worldwide. A biomass power, heat or combined heat and power (“CHP”) facility converts wood and agricultural waste (worthless or a representing cost to your business) into energy for use on site or sale to the grid. Biomass gasification plants are highly scalable and ideally suit distributed power applications. Biomass power is eligible for EU renewable energy incentives.

Flex Technologies is a solution provider for biomass power, heat and CHP generation. We offer turnkey gasification plants based on proven, serially manufactured equipment, as well as comprehensive technical services. The systems run on wood residue / waste in the form of chips, briquettes and pellets, and agricultural waste, including nut and coconut shells, rice and soybean husk, sunflower hulls, corn cob and mustard stalks. The list of suitable biomass types does not end here – we are happy to arrange a test of your material for you.

Biomass gasification plants offer several advantages relative to conventional fossil, solar and wind plants:

  • Opportunity to utilise wood and agricultural waste for energy generation and cut disposal cost;
  • Cogeneration of heat and/or provision of cooling along with electricity;
  • High efficiency, including small size facilities;
  • Weather independent;
  • Opportunity to substitute or co-fire natural gas, fuel oil and/or coal with low cost producer gas;
  • Extended engine lifespan due to lower gas burning temperature relative to natural gas;
  • Highly flexible - can be configured to cater for different feedstock types and energy requirements;
  • Modular - a wide range of capacities;
  • Power and CHP plants can operate in stand-alone mode or supply power to the grid;
  • Eligible for renewable energy tariffs;
  • Low capital cost.

Flex Technologies and its predecessor companies have been active in the biomass and related markets since 2005. We partner with selected technology providers and use solutions developed in-house. Read about the details of products and services we offer or look at the list of our installations to learn more about our experience. Contact us today to discuss your requirements!