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GeoSmart Energy was established in 2005 by co-founders Chad Brezynskie and the Marco family – Cheryl, Stan and Stephen. We have since risen to the top of the renewable energy market by combining innovative and people-friendly practices with premium, cost-effective, energy efficient and renewable geothermal energy heating and cooling solutions for both home and business. Our formula for success is deeply rooted in the belief that we’re not just selling a geothermal energy product, but rather a ‘system’ that is supported by a customer first mentality, a comprehensive education and training program, a savvy and knowledgeable network of Renewable Energy specialists and a highly trained team of installers. Ground source heat pumps and how Canadian knowledge, experience and research is shaping the industry around the world.

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1-650 Jamieson Parkway , Cambridge , Ontario N3C 0A5 Canada

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Energy - Geothermal Energy
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Globally (various continents)

With over three centuries of combined experience, we have earned a solid reputation for our knowledge and expertise in geothermal heating and cooling. We offer premium quality, cost-effective, energy-efficient and renewable heating and cooling solutions for your home or business. Whether you are investing in geothermal for your home, farm, cottage or business – get everything you need in one place through our large network of dealers and their highly trained team of installers.

Our high performance product line is designed to meet every home or business need and offers everything from industry first PE100 geothermal pipe, intelligent thermostats and forced air and hydronic heating and cooling systems.

We excel at product innovation by constantly exploring opportunities to further improve existing geothermal energy technology. This passion for innovation ensures the best products for the dealers who sell them, the contractors who install them and ultimately, for the customers who invest in them.

If you’re looking for years of worry-free year-round comfort, you’re looking for GeoSmart.