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Hakom Solutions GMBH

Since 1991 HAKOM has been following its successful path steadily and successfully and is a reliable and innovative partner for its customers. The smallest components of matter are elementary particles, the smallest elements of the energy industry are data with time stamps, collected in time series. The further we look into the future, the more important time series become for the energy industry and those who depend on it – Smart City, Industry 4.0, Agriculture 4.0, Smart Metering, IoT, autonomous driving or 5G mobile networks are just some of the buzzwords that will change our world forever. Tomorrow. With almost 30 years of know-how in the energy industry, over 100 customers in 15 countries and 150+ successful projects, HAKOM has positioned itself as a strong and sought-after partner of the energy industry.

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Lemböckgasse 61 | Stiege 2 | 6.OG , Vienna , Wien A-1230 Austria
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Time series in the energy industry determine the business areas of HAKOM. In the Business Unit Solutions HAKOM provides the experts of the energy industry with standard solutions, consulting and support around time-series based applications. In the Business Unit Technology HAKOM provides developers with everything they expect from unlimited time series technology and developer toolkits to scalability options.

HAKOM Solutions is a strong, reliable and innovative partner in  all areas of Unlimited Time Series Management and accompanies its customers through all phases of Data Management with strategic vision.

This current and booming market of the future is HAKOM's core business, making the elementary particles of the energy industry controllable and creating added value. Enrich data with time stamps so that numbers become values. This is HAKOM's sought-after competence.

The challenges in the area of time series management, in a disruptive market environment such as the energy industry, are enormous. In order to master them, it takes decades of expertise and a commitment to dedicate oneself exclusively to this highly complex subject with passion. The ability to validate and monitor Big Data, to analyze Big Data, no matter from which local source, system environment, formatting or screening the data material may originate and to always deliver useful results in a short time in this process, requires an innovative basic technology like HAKOM:

  • Ingestion of Big Data at unbeatable processing speed,
  • full database independence,
  • proven energy logic,
  • perfect API for easy integration into 3rd party systems,

are some core premises. HAKOM has developed its proprietary FeasyUse® technology to ensure that the whole thing remains suitable for everyday use, intuitive and easy to use without having to compromise on quality or performance. Because ingenious is simple and not complex.

  • 1991: HAKOM is founded by Thomas Hasleder and Stefan Komornyik.
  • 1995: Development of the first integrated optimization solution for time series.
  • 1999: Development start of the fully integrated HAKOM TSM Framework as the basis technology for a comprehensive energy trading system for the liberalized electricity market.
  • 2000: The new HAKOM TSM Framework reaches market maturity. Austria's largest gas trader can be welcomed among HAKOM Technologie's customers.
  • 2001: Delivery of TSM 1.0 – Time Series Manager – to Austrian companies.
  • 2005: Cooperation with the Munich company metalogic AG.
  • 2007: Development of the German energy market.
  • 2007: HAKOM wins the first energy customers in the Russian Federation.
  • 2008: The important German manufacturer ProCom GmbH relies on HAKOM TSM technology of the 2nd generation.
  • 2009: Market entry in Southeastern Europe - Customers in Hungary, the Republic of Northern Macedonia and Bulgaria opt for HAKOM TSM technology.
  • 2015: Kick-off for the development of the 3rd generation of HAKOM TSM technology – IoT technology firmly in focus.
  • 2016-2018: The Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) supports the development of the HAKOM Big Data Suite with a six-digit Euro amount. HAKOM technology is fit for the future of Big Data.
  • 2017: The 40th customer from the European energy market is acquired for the Solutions business unit.
  • 2018: Starting signal for the development of the 4th generation of HAKOM TSM technology supported by the EU within the framework of 'SME Instrument for PowerData'.
  • 2018: HAKOM has risen to become one of the industry players in Europe – Quaternity GmbH, Twingz Development GmbH, Seven2One Informationssysteme GmbH, Virtimo AG and Kapsch AG are won as technology partners for the HAKOM technology in just one year.
  • 2019: More than 100 players in the European energy market are already using HAKOM TSM technology.
  • 2020: The EU funding programme 'Horizon 2020' and the project pipeline will again make 2020 an exciting and successful year for HAKOM.