HydroTech Engineering, LLC

HydroTech Engineering, LLC

HydroTech Engineering, LLC

Welcome to HTE Engineering – your source for rubber dam equipment technology. Inflatable rubber dams are used in a wide variety of applications, including irrigation, water storage, power generation, flood prevention and control, erosion control, groundwater recharge, tidal barriers, navigation, and sewage treatment. Our rubber dam manufacturing team has installed rubber dams for various applications worldwide for over 35 years. We specialize in providing equipment for both new construction and replacement rubber dams. HTE Engineering is also your partner for high efficiency and cost-effective hydroelectric power generation. For over 50 years, HTE and its partners have been supplying hydroelectric power equipment to customers worldwide. Backed by the largest hydropower equipment manufacturer in the world, HTE Engineering offers the ability to supply the full hydropower package, complete with turbines, generators, valves, and control equipment.

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8675 South Sandy Parkway, #111 , Sandy , Utah 84070 USA
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Hydro Power
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Globally (various continents)

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Hydropower is the most affordable form of renewable energy. HydroTech Engineering is your gateway to the massive Chinese hydropower construction industry and its equipment manufacturers.


HTE Engineering, with its headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, was established to supply medium and small hydroelectric equipment and rubber dam system equipment for the North American hydropower and water resources industries.  HTE Engineering represents Chinese manufacturers and research and development institutes such as DEC, HRC and HEPI.  All feasibility evaluation, financial and commercial terms and conditions, warranties, engineering support, and equipment maintenance services are provided from our offices in the United States. 

DEC is the largest hydroelectric equipment manufacturer in the world. Having grown for over half a century, DEC has become a comprehensive group specializing in industrial manufacturing, research & development of cutting edge technology, contracting international engineering projects, and exporting complete plants and equipment. Due to its distinguished capacity and contribution, DEC represents the top class technological and manufacturing level for China’s heavy machinery and equipment industry.   DEC takes the lead in China particularly in contracting international power stations and a wide variety of large engineering projects. DEC has gained recognition worldwide and been selected as one of The Top 225 International Contractors in the world by the Engineering News Record of the USA since 1996.

HRC was established in 1981 to promote development of small hydro power for developing countries.  HRC currently acts as the Secretariat of Small Hydro Power Networks consisting of 29 member countries in the Asia-Pacific, Latin American and Africa regions. With its competitive technology, extensive experience, and global reputation, HRC provides comprehensive services for our clients in North America.

HEPI, founded in 1975, is the largest manufacturer of rubber dams, oil spill response equipment, and rubber products in China.  HEPI products have been exported to Japan, Korea, Europe, America, Australia, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

HydroTech Engineering and its partners are known for supplying hydropower equipment and providing engineering and construction support for hydropower projects across North America. We have manufactured and installed more than 1,000 hydro turbine and hydro generator sets worldwide, and are a recognized, award-winning industry leader in the field of hydropower equipment manufacturing and construction. HydroTech is also a leading rubber dam equipment supplier in North and South America. Our manufacturing team has installed over 1,200 rubber dam systems worldwide, and we are actively leading the rubber dam industry in the Americas.

Our vision is to be the rubber dam and hydroelectric equipment supplier of choice in North and South America, including manufacturing and supplying rubber dams, hydro turbines, generators, turbine shutoff valves, and control equipment for small and medium-sized hydropower projects.


  1. Serve communities and clients by providing the highest quality and most efficient equipment available.
  2. Achieve 100% customer satisfaction through our commitment to reliable, cost-effective solutions, and building life-long relationships with our customers.
  3. Partner with stakeholders, employees, customers, vendors, service providers, local communities, and governments to achieve goals.
  4. Conduct business with the highest ethical standards.

Core Capabilities:

  1. Hydro turbine, hydro generator, and control equipment manufacturing
  2. Rubber dam design, manufacturing, and construction
  3. Engineering and construction support for hydropower projects