Independent Power Systems (IPS)

Independent Power Systems (IPS)

Independent Power Systems was founded in 1996 by Tony Boniface, who had a vision to create a company that provided state-of-the-art renewable energy systems with exceptional design, installation, service and support. Tony’s fascination with renewable energy began in 1988 when he was camping on Mount Jefferson and found a solar panel, pumping water. The idea of a clean electricity source, powered by the sun, working efficiently without any visible source of conventional power inspired Tony to study alternative energy. Tony worked for a company specializing in solar PV and hybrid electric systems, and completed his professional engineering license. Independent Power Systems has a highly trained professional workforce which has completed hundreds of residential and commercial solar electric, wind, solar-wind hybrid, and power tower projects, in many US states and several foreign countries.

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1501 Lee Hill Dr. #24 , Boulder , Colorado 80304 USA
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Renewable Energy
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Internationally (various countries)

At the very heart of all our power systems is electrical design and installation. The integrity of our systems depends on how well both of these are done. Integrity at every single level of our operation is critical as it determines our customer satisfaction and the safety, efficiency and longevity of our systems.

We take integrity very seriously so our designs and installations are done by in-house engineers, licensed electricians, and certified installers.

As a locally-owned company, Independent Power Systems is deeply committed to helping our state achieve energy independence by freeing us from the expense and environmental impact of fossil fuels.

What that means for our customers is that our every decision is geared toward helping them fuel their homes cleanly and efficiently.

Our company mission is to provide the highest quality installations using state-of-the-art equipment for the purpose of making this technology the best source for home and business power.

A Breadth and Depth of Experience

Whether you choose us to work on something as dear to you as your home, or the state entrusts us with a sophisticated, large-scale installation, Independent Power Systems makes the commitment to get the job done–on budget and on time.