Konrad Pumpe GmbH

Konrad Pumpe GmbH

Founded in 1830 as a smithy, today Konrad Pumpe GmbH is an innovative specialised company for plant engineering, with about 50 employees producing customised equipment and machine systems for diverse applications such as barn equipment, dosing systems and biogas plants. The firm primarily processes steel and stainless steels. The main strengths of Konrad Pumpe GmbH include custom-made equipment and own developments. Over fifteen years of experience in stockpiling, processing, and dosing biomass. More than 1.000 delivered screw feeders / dosing units provide proof of our performance capabilities. Our products are completely designed and manufactured in-house. We use only high-quality materials; the geared motors are all made in Germany.

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Schörmelweg 24 , Sendenhorst , Nordrhein-Westfalen 48324 Germany

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Energy - Bioenergy
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Internationally (various countries)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Our modern production plants are equipped with state-of-the-art machines, ensuring that our products have top quality. Our company size makes it possible for us to work quickly and uncomplicatedly. We have clear organisational structures and the right contact persons for your concerns and requests. We provide our customers with customer service seven days a week. Installation work is carried out by our own well-trained employees. All our products are exclusively manufactured in-house. This means we can rapidly deliver 100% of the spare parts. Custom-made devices and special components can also be delivered at short notice. We endeavour to continually improve our products. We are always open to suggestions and wishes. You are always welcome as customer. You can come and tour our company at any time to get your own impression of what we can do.


The company Konrad Pumpe GmbH has its origins in the 19th century. Documents exist that show that the Master Blacksmith Bernhard Lange of Sendenhorst, House No. 56 – there were no street names then – had a blacksmith with a agricultural holding. His successor was the Master Blacksmith Heinrich Lange, out of whose marriage followed the children Josefine and Anton. A photo taken at this time – about 1900 – shows Heinrich Lange, his son Anton, an uncle and an assistant. At this time simple instruments and machines for farming were produced. In this picture a chaffing machine for straw is shown.


As the successor, Anton Lange, died very young, the daughter, Josefine, took over the running of the business from her father. Josefine married the Master Blacksmith, Conrad Pumpe, from Freckenhorst, who took over and ran the business. In 1927-28 a new shop replaced the old house with the blacksmith’s shop. By then Sendenhorst had street names. The new house was located at Oststraße 15. The smithy was extended into a household goods store and ironmongery. In these years it was also still the practice to run a smallholding. The photo shows the house at Oststraße 15 with the smithy (about 1950). In 1953 the son Konrad took over the blacksmith’s shop. In the following years the smithy was enlarged into a metalworking business for agricultural machinery. In the middle of the fifties farming the smallholding was given up. The stables were demolished and the space used for the business. The house at Oststraße 15 underwent conversion at the end of the sixties. The blacksmith’s shop was converted into a household goods shop.

The year 1977 can be counted as a milestone in the company’s history. The business was relocated to the Schmörmel Industrial Estate. A production hall with ancillary rooms was built and taken over on 1stOtober 1977. The company had 5 employees at this time. In the following years the company grew steadily in size. In 1982 Konrad Pumpe died unexpectedly and his son, Konrad, took over immediate control and continued to run the business. By 1999 the business had grown to approx. 25 employees. The production area was extended to approx. 2000 m2. As the plot at Schörmelweg 23 had become too small and there was no possibility of extension, a 10,000-mplot of land at Schörmelweg 24 was invested in.


  • Professional coordination and management of large-scale projects
  • Supplier to engineering, automotive and the agricultural machinery branches
  • Contract work in laser, punching, edging and bending work sectors
  • Proprietary products for agricultural applications including sales by distributors and our own sales representative

Work Preparation

  • 3D construction department at 7 CAD workplaces

Quality Control

  • Quality checks on arrival of raw materials, during production and final inspection
  • Transparent production processes by clearly defined assignment possibilities of every step in production
  • Production control, final inspection carried out by specially trained welders

Raw Materials

  • Steel and stainless steel
  • Non-ferrous- and light metals
  • Coated and galvanised sheet metals


  • Production area: 5.600m²
  • Warehouse facilities Outside: 2.000m²
  • Warehouse facilities: 8.000m²
  • Crane capacity: up to 10 Tonne

Contract Works

  • Machine engineering and container fabrication (unpressurised)
  • Machinery and device construction
  • Structural steelwork
  • Mechanical engineering
  • CNC-metal-processing


  • Transport can be performed by own vehicle fleet