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Lahmeyer International GmbH

Lahmeyer International GmbH

Our specialists develop concepts, plan and evaluate projects in the fields of energy, hydropower and water resources, transportation in nearly all countries of the world. Whether the task be the development of alternative sources of energy, the building of dams, the construction of bridges or the elimination of ecological damage - the technological feasibility is only part of the overall project cycle for our engineers, scientists and economic experts. Aspects such as economic performance, environmental compatibility and long-term effects are for us important planning parameters. Our aim is to contribute toward preserving the fundamentals of life and the improvement of living standards of the earth`s inhabitants by the application of our know-how and experience.

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Friedberger Strasse 173 , Bad Vilbel , 61118 Germany
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Engineering service provider
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Globally (various continents)
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The name Lahmeyer is a trade name for experience and quality. Lahmeyer International was founded in Germany, but has been established on all continents for a long time as one of the leading engineering companies for multidisciplinary tasks. Governments and governmental agencies, utilities, industrial corporations, investors and international financing institutes all value us as a reliable partner for their projects.

More than 120 Years of Experience

In 1890, the company W. Lahmeyer & Co was founded in Frankfurt am Main by Wilhelm Lahmeyer, an entrepreneur with great vision for the capabilities in the emerging electrical industry. His inventions and functional discoveries marked the way of this triumphal success. The Lahmeyer engineers succeeded in producing pioneering innovations in the design and construction of power stations as well as power transmission and distribution facilities.

The Engineering Department of the former Lahmeyer AG became the nucleus of Lahmeyer International when the firm was established in 1966 as a company of engineering consultants, and it has steadily grown since then. Today, engineers, natural scientists and economic experts from over 30 disciplines are working together using the state-of-the-art technologies in the same tradition of those pioneers. Clients throughout the world value our future-oriented expertise as well as our extensive experience in projects, especially where challenges with complex requirements are demanded.

Ethical principles are an important part of Lahmeyer International GmbH’s corporate philosophy. Our reputation in the business world is one of our most valuable assets. Our clients and business partners expect from us that we work to the highest ethical standards, fulfil our obligations completely and behave with decency. Our reputation is heavily dependent on our adherence to this code of conduct. We expect our employees to comply with these ethical standards.

We consider it self-evident that our management should live by these standards, disseminate them and set exemplary standards for adherence to their principles. The management are the first point of contact for employees in questions relating to ethics matters.

Business ethics define the ethical basis of our consulting services. They help us to define behaviour that we can consider as ethically acceptable and behaviour that can not be accepted. Business ethics and the observance of laws and regulations should always govern our actions and conduct.

Lahmeyer International has undertaken in the past two years, substantial efforts to install its compliance management system (CMS) and implement them in their daily work. This CMS is the high demands of international competition requirements. The implementation of this sophisticated system is based on the finding that the competitiveness of Lahmeyer must be based on a fair and transparent business dealings.

Customers, suppliers and employees, as well as national and international institutions and the population of the countries in which Lahmeyer works, expect a business with integrity in all business partners. Lahmeyer uses his influence to work well with business partners to ensure compliance with fair competition. 's Compliance Management System (CMS) by Lahmeyer illustrates the determination to align the business policy of the developed compliance guidelines.

Since the company's inception in 1966, the employees and managers of Lahmeyer have an excellent reputation as an outstanding professional, independent consultants. This image is an obligation and motivation to continue to improve. We want to offer our customers the best quality at a fair price and our employees an attractive and safe workplace with opportunities for development and promotion. , we act according to the following quality standards:

  • Continuous development of Lahmeyer quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008
  • In compliance with DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025:2005 according to the peer-reviewed scope for testing and calibration
  • Involvement of all managers and employees in a continuous improvement process
  • Use of modern labor resources to support our business processes
  • Selection of qualified employees and their development through regular training and education
  • Constant adaptation to the technological development in our areas
  • Monitoring of market participants in our target markets, especially the consideration of changes in the client's interests
  • Selection of freelancers and contractors in accordance with the quality objectives and previous observations and assessments.

The orientation on the quality objectives of the company is exemplified by the management and executives. You agree to all employees and to align their actions always in the set quality policy and action derived principles.