Leadsun Australia

Leadsun Australia

Established in 2005, LEADSUN was ambitiously founded by Matt Pollard to transform our world, by developing a new generation of solar-powered lighting systems, that could one day replace the need for “traditional” electricity grids that power our cities. Ten years later, Leadsun is now the global leader in the New Energy Sector, specialising in Off-Grid lighting and power solutions. Leadsun is one of only few companies worldwide that fully develops and manufactures the complete solar powered system ensuring total control over product development, quality & testing. We are leading the way with solar-powered technology and the company has patents for its ‘All In One’ technology world wide.

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42 Greens Rd , Dandenong South , VIC 3175 Australia
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Solar Power
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Globally (various continents)

We work to promote international development co-operatively with government bodies and international organisations to resolve global energy issues. LEADSUN recognises the importance of providing solar powered lighting solutions that will help our planet in striving for ongoing reductions in Co2 emissions.  Not just in Australia, but worldwide..


The Sun is by far the most important source of energy for life on earth. But it wasn’t until the late 18th & early19th century that inventors such as Einstein began to think about harnessing its’ powers. Fast forward to today, and solar an eatery technologies are leading to increased affordability, self-sufficiency and the ease of installation. This is of particular interests when traditional street lights, draw from the electrical grids, draw their power from standard electrical grids, that is one of the root causes of global warming; places extreme pressure on our grid-powered infrastructure… at peak demand times. While grid-connected electricity has historically been a reliable and dependable source of power, developments in more efficient types of lighting such as CFL and LED lighting which delivers brighter light for less energy have merged creating what we now know as Solar Powered Lighting. LEADSUN has played their part in the evolution of solar powered lighting having pioneered All-In-One (AIO) solar lighting technology design, LEADSUN’s AIO solar powered system integrates a highly efficient slim-line solar panel, compact & powerful Lithium-ion LiFePO4 battery, and adaptive LED lighting; creating a new standard in Off-Grid Intelligent Lighting Systems.

Our commitment to innovation & continuous improvement deliver intelligent, eco-friendly solar powered products.
Using world-class engineering, combined with wireless SMART control technologies, sleek designs, and a focus clean energy; LEADSUN leads global clean-tech movement, whose commitment is to improve energy efficiency for communities around the world.
LEADSUN is also one of only a few companies worldwide that offers design, manufacturing, installation and post sales system engineering support. And our commitment to innovation lead to the development the world’s first ‘All- In-One’ solar light. Our international patents on this technology, has revolutionised the industry by transforming it from ‘simple lighting’ to ‘intellegent lighting’. 

At LEADSUN, we are passionate about everything we do and our promise is to continue to develop the world’s most technically innovative range of Off-Grid Intelligent solar-powered LED lighting & power solutions. Innovation, design and exceptional quality are the LEADSUN difference.

Leading Technology, Designed for the Future

LEADSUN are continually striving to provide our customers with the most intelligent, contemporary and easy to install solar powered products. Our continual commitment to technical innovation and quality make us stand out from our competitors. With unparalleled attention to detail and a commitment to sustainability; we work to the highest standards demanded from ourselves, our customers, our environment and our community.

Our continual improvements in technology, has seen LEADSUN set the industry standard for innovative and easy-to-install Solar Lighting Products.

LEADSUN significantly invests in R&D to continually improve our products. This includes, pioneering intelligent and autonomous technologies. This includes IOT wireless systems; battery and solar panel innovations; and Off-Grid CCTV systems.   Our Research and Development Lab, located in Melbourne, Australia, ensures that our speed to market is second to none when developing our innovative range of Off-Grid Intelligent solar powered LED lighting and power solutions.