MAKO Turbines Pty Ltd

MAKO Tidal Turbines has developed a range of hydrokinetic turbines capable of operating in a variety of flow rates, making them deployable in the greatest range of locations around the world. Even at low flow rates, the MAKO is able to produce electricity cost-effectively. MAKO Tidal Turbines uses the latest advances in computer design and the most up-to-date materials and techniques to systematically solve the problems which have plagued the first-generation devices and in doing so, deliver predictable renewable power.

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Level 12, 95 Pitt Street , Sydney , New South Wales 2000 Australia

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Energy - Wind Energy
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Globally (various continents)


Worldwide, millions of people remain disadvantaged because of limited or zero access to electricity. Our vision is to empower these communities with the energy security most of the world takes for granted. 

Key Management
The Sydney-based engineering team has been recruited to design, prototype, test and manufacture MAKO turbines in our modern factory premises in Alexandria, NSW.

Our engineering team have diverse backgrounds, having previously worked for leading organisations such as:  General Motors Holden, United Space Alliance [US Space Shuttle program], Mercury Marine, Rud Aero [aircraft components], Virgin Racing F1 Team and VPac [high performance computing].

The MAKO management team have experience in accounting, legal, investment banking, government program administration and project management.

Global Offices
Kit Tham (MAKO Asia Office, Singapore):  Kit is a qualified accountant and company secretary who works closely with non-executive chairman Dr Kenneth Burnett in MAKO's Singapore offices to manage fundraising and strategic issues across the Asian region.

Sho Minagawa (Tokyo, Japan Office):  Sho is a senior executive, most recently president of an internationally renowned consumer products company in Japan.  With an MBA from Booth School of Business, University of Chicago and a long career in marketing and general management, Sho heads up our business development in Japan.

MAKO is currently establishing a presence in the UK and Europe.