Marine Power Systems Ltd

Marine Power Systems Ltd. was founded specifically to develop the WaveSub wave energy converter – a second generation device with many advantages that properly address the challenges of extracting wave energy. The WaveSub has undergone scaled sea trials and tank testing, and recently a detailed project to model the cost of energy was completed. The conclusion was that the WaveSub has the potential to compete favourably with other renewable technologies and ultimately be competitive with conventional energy generation.

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Ethos Building, Kings Road , Swansea , Wales SA1 8AS United Kingdom

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Energy - Renewable Energy
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Globally (various continents)

Offering levels of consistency and density superior to that of wind and solar energy, the global wave energy resource can only be described as ‘vast’, with the potential, even if only partially exploited, to significantly reduce dependency on fossil fuels and carbon emissions.


When winds interact with the sea surface, friction between the air and the water first causes ripples, then chop, then waves.


The size of the waves depend on how strong the wind is, how long it has been blowing, and over what distance it has been blowing (the fetch).


Waves, unlike wind, do not disappear when the wind stops blowing. Instead, waves travel outwards from their source until they reach land where they become breaking waves.


The passage of swells through the open ocean is an incredibly efficient process – waves can travel hundreds, even thousands of miles with little loss of energy.