MSI’s performs engineering services supporting safer and more environmentally friendly rotating machinery in the power/energy, water/waste water, process, and oil industries. Customers include equipment end-users, equipment manufacturers, and architect/engineering firms. Services include: hydro turbine design, analysis, and test; energy recovery expander/turbine design and analysis; wind turbine and gear troubleshooting; micro-turbine design and analysis; machinery prognostics, and resolving field problems with turbines, turbines, compressors, and related systems/structures. MSI is well-known for its specialized impact testing using the time-averaging pulse (TAP™) technique to resolve natural frequency problems - performed without shutting down the equipment. Other testing services include: ISO testing for SPL (Sound Pressure Level), non-contact laser vibrometer measurement, pressure pulsation and vibration measurement, and laboratory machinery development testing.

Company details

11 Apollo Drive , Whippany , New Jersey 07981-1423 USA

Locations Served

Business Type:
Engineering service provider
Industry Type:
Energy - Energy Utilities
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
1,000,000 - 10,000,000 €

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Mechanical Solutions, Inc. (MSI) has four offices, with its HQ in Whippany NJ.

MSI performs consulting and R&D, as well as provides design, analysis and testing services for organizations throughout the US and overseas. MSI is proud of its outstanding track record in solving some of the world's most difficult technical problems.

MSI's offices include engineering facilities in New Hampshire and Maryland. In addition, MSI has engineering, test, and manufacturing operations in Upstate New York.


The mission of MSI is:

  • to provide our customers with internationally best-in-class service and value, by delivering practical and effective solutions rather than simply analysis and test results
  • to provide all of MSI's staff with a working environment characterized by professional fulfillment, reasonable control of their financial and job security, and generous rewards for time and effort expended
  • to provide a vehicle for MSI's owners to invest in various technically interesting and profitable ideas and services.


  • Determine practical and effective solutions.
  • Successfully communicate to customers what they have paid for.
  • Deliver results within or under budget.
  • Deliver results on time or ahead of schedule.
  • Maintain an open and supportive relationship with our customers.
  • Foster employee professional growth, and compensate them fairly.
  • Maintain company profitability, growth and vitality.


Markets & Applications

  • Markets in which MSI regularly provides services include:
  • Electric Power Generation, both Fossil & Nuclear Energy
  • Petrochemical and Refining Plants
  • Alternative Energy, including Wind Turbines and Hydroturbines
  • Water & Wastewater
  • Biomedical
  • Defense
  • Aerospace

Applications with which MSI has experience and can provide case histories include:

  • Analysis, testing, and troubleshooting of all kinds of rotating machinery, reciprocating machinery, and turbomachinery, including pumps, compressors, fans, turbines, motors, and engines. MSI is able to evaluate the machine, as well as its system, using a variety of sophisticated analysis and testing tools.
  • Biomedical components and tools, including spinal implants, and artificial joints. Nonlinear analysis of joint behavior is a specialty of MSI.
  • Nonlethal munitions, providing defense while preserving life.
  • Defense and Aerospace applications, including aircraft engine and rocket turbopump design methodologies, and Predictive Health Management (PHM) technologies.