Natural Technology Systems

Natural Technology Systems

Natural Technology Systems

Natural Technology Systems is a leader in the assessment, design, sourcing and commissioning of solar electric power systems and minimum impact sanitation installations. Our product range includes grid-connected solar electricity, hybrid solar electricity systems, solar hot water, wind turbines, hydro-electric power, solar ventilation, solar pumping, inverters, batteries, Vestfrost refrigerators, regulators, composting toilets and paints and finishes.

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82B Prospect Road , Prospect , SA 5082 Australia
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Solar Power
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Nationally (across the country)
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Adding batteries at home can be a great way to reduce energy bills

Home Batteries retail for about $10,000. allowing back-up during blackouts or load-shedding, as well as the ability to store energy and sell it back to the grid. Households will now enjoy savings of thousands of dollars on their electricity bills over the life of the battery.

Natural Technology Systems will guide you through the process and help you gain access to the generous battery rebate and greatly reduce your electricity costs. We’ll also be able to work out how much you qualify for.

Is a home battery storage system right for me?

The Home Battery Scheme website (to launch in October) will help customers consider whether a home battery storage system is suitable for them through a series of preliminary questions.

Households should seek detailed analysis from System Providers when obtaining quotes for their home battery storage system.

It is important for all households to consider whether the expected energy savings over the life of the battery will cover the cost of its purchase.