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Ogin Inc.

The Ogin Turbine’s unique design, manufacturing and assembly processes combine to remove many of the roadblocks commonly associated with traditional wind farm development. Ogin Turbines are the first in their class capable of being mass-produced, with a modular design that is easy to ship and assemble on-site. Turbine components are made in partnership with only top-tier suppliers and are designed for volume production so that, from date of order, they can be delivered on-site in a matter of weeks. The result is greater simplicity and speed – not to mention fewer headaches. With Ogin, project developers can achieve significant savings in time and cost, bringing competitive clean energy to market much sooner. Ogin offers a new model of wind power project development – one that can help to democratize and spread the use of clean wind energy to more communities than ever before.

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221 Crescent St., Ste. 103A , Waltham , Massachusetts 02453 USA

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Our Difference

Ogin is driven to make affordable, clean energy available to everyone.  Guided by this mission we are reshaping energy with our first breakthrough, the Ogin Turbine.  It’s a smaller, more efficient wind turbine that can go where large turbines can’t – enabling wind energy developers to bring clean energy production closer to consumers.

Innovation is in Ogin’s DNA. Inspired by the latest advances in the aerospace industry, the Ogin Turbine dramatically improves efficiency and power output with its unique shroud and vortex technologies.  Project development cycles are shortened.  Lower siting impacts and shorter setbacks simplify permitting challenges.  Modular manufacturing and off-site subassembly simplify and speed on-site construction. Wind arrays can be sited closer to customers and connected directly to local distribution grids, without the need for new long-distance transmission infrastructure.

For developers, these advances translate into significant cost savings.

For consumers, it means a new choice. Today, the Ogin Turbine makes the best form of energy – clean, healthy, inexhaustible energy from renewable resources – more broadly available and more affordable than ever before.

Opening New Markets by Going Where Others Can't

The low-profile Ogin Turbine opens new markets and sites, offering wind energy developers new opportunities to grow their operations and sales.  The high efficiency of the Ogin Turbine enables profitable development in a wide range of wind regimes, whether to meet local or regional needs.

Projects using Ogin Turbines can be accommodated easily within existing road and power networks.  Modular design and smaller-size components enable turbine transport in standard flatbed trucks without the need for costly road upgrades, permits, or escorts.  In addition, Ogin Turbines are suitable for deployment within lower-voltage distribution grids, avoiding the need for large, costly transmission infrastructure -- saving money and speeding project development cycles.

With their quiet operation, airport-friendly low profile and a shrouded design that is readily detectable by wildlife, Ogin turbines harmonize with their surroundings, enabling a more positive response from the local community.

Utility-Scale Economics Make Wind Affordable

The Ogin Turbine brings unprecedented efficiency to the mid-scale turbine market.  Ogin’s innovative design yields a 50% gain in annual energy production from a 100kW-class turbine, and dramatically higher energy output per unit of swept area from its compact, high-speed rotor.  A simplified gearless direct drive system and critical damped turbine shroud translate into reduced stress on moving parts, longer service intervals and major O&M savings.  The result: utility-scale economics are now available in a more flexible 100kW machine.

In addition, current federal law provides Ogin Turbines with access to a stable Business Energy Investment Tax Credit through 2016. With this credit, the Ogin turbine compares even more favorably both to conventional energy and utility turbine-based projects that face an uncertain subsidy future.

Community Wind

Throughout the world, citizens increasingly want clean energy to meet both local and national needs.  Yet the prospect of a large wind farm within one’s local community can raise a range of potential siting concerns. Ogin offers a revolutionary approach to harnessing wind energy that captures utility-scale turbine economics in smaller-scale projects with a low-profile, compact and quiet design.  The result:  the most common siting obstacles are reduced or eliminated.  There’s more reason than ever to embrace clean, local energy to power your community’s future.

With a total height barely one-third of modern utility turbines and far below the FAA’s 200’ threshold for marker lights, the Ogin Turbine protects treasured views of the nighttime sky.  Ogin Turbines offer a community-friendly way to meet local energy needs with:

  • Favorable economics
    • Lower electricity costs
    • A hedge against rising future fossil fuel prices
  • Lower construction impacts
  • No need for major road works
  • Connects to existing grids without major upgrades
  • Shorter hub height and total height reduce visual impact
  • Lower height and shroud virtually eliminate shadow flicker
  • Quiet operation without gearboxes
  • Lower siting and operating impacts

Environmentally Friendly

Wind energy is clean, inexhaustible and requires no water for operation.  It offers an environmentally-friendly source of power to help us reduce reliance on the dirty and depleting fossil fuels that threaten our global climate.  Ogin is taking the wind industry’s commitment to protect the environment even further.

  • Avian impacts:  Wind energy’s effect on birdlife has been reduced in recent years by improved turbine siting practices.  Statistics show that several other sources (such as tall buildings, power lines, communications towers, even ordinary housecats) pose proportionately far greater threats to birds than wind energy.  Nevertheless, this concern persists.  Ogin believes that its lower, shrouded turbine design could further reduce or avoid avian impacts.  The reason:  its compact design uses a very small 13m-diameter rotor, with a shroud that poses both a physical and a visual barrier to inadvertent entry by birds.  To test this hypothesis, Ogin is currently sponsoring a rigorous three-year before-after, control-impact study – the gold standard for assessing environmental impacts – at a California site known for heavy bird use.
  • Bat impacts:  The recent collapse of US bat populations due to newly-introduced diseases poses a major ecological threat.  Protection of remaining bats has become an urgent matter.  Ogin’s compact shrouded turbine sits well below the airspace most commonly used by these important and valuable insect-hunting creatures.  Ogin is working with bat experts to understand how its design will be perceived by bats and how to minimize any impacts it may cause.
  • Radar impacts:  The size, height and lightning protection systems of tall conventional wind turbines can sometimes interfere with civilian, military and weather radar systems.  Experts believe the lower height, shrouded design and all-composite blades in Ogin’s turbine will reduce this impact.  Ogin is working with experts to assess and model the radar signature of its turbine design to minimize conflicts with these systems and enable safe, conflict-free access to new areas for clean energy development.
  • Balance of plant impacts:  The Ogin Turbine requires less ancillary construction activity including road widening and contouring, as well as transmission line construction.  Closer turbine spacing shrinks overall project footprint.  As a result, projects can be completed with reduced impacts on built environments and local natural habitat.