Planetary Systems, Inc.

Planetary Systems has been designing and installing renewable energy systems since 1994, and has over 1600 operational systems from .5kw to 22kw, worldwide. We have always been and remain committed to tested and reliable, yet cutting edge technologies to advance individual power generation capabilities. We firmly believe all electrical power should be personally generated and using as much energy as practically feasible from wind, solar, hydro-electric and other renewable sources. Based on this, our products reflect our experience and expertise in renewable energy, hydronic heating (wood or gas) and water supply systems. An energy efficient home or commercial renewable energy system cannot function properly without the corresponding energy efficiency required to bring the load and power production vales as close as possible.

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262 Badger Rd., Box 340 , Ennis , MT 59729 USA

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Energy - Wind Energy
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Globally (various continents)
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less than $1,000,000 US

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Simply adding wind power or solar panels does nothing without complete integration of the electrical uses, ie, heating, lighting, appliances, water supply, etc We are practically the only company completely integrating these systems today

While there are a lot of new businesses springing up to sell and install solar energy, most of these only have limited experience with grid-tie systems and this experience will not get guarantee a well-functioning battery based off-grid or grid tie system with backup power The current world situation regarding energy and climate will inevitably require more off-grid systems as utilities become more unreliable

A majority of the products and systems available on our website are in everyday use either on our own or nearby off-grid systems and we strive to test and evaluate products prior to making these available in the marketplace Planetary Systems offers our own battery technology, integrated power solutions, and the best available products available in the world marketplace We firmly believe that no government or corporation will ever solve anything, people must do these things for themselves

Our offerings are based on value-added products, not bargain basement prices, and include complete testing, design and integration of systems plus expert technical assistance We hope you find this approach valuable and will consider Planetary Systems, Inc for your grid tied or off-grid renewable energy system, as well as your source for energy saving appliances and services

Product Range: Integrated Solar and Wind Power systems for homes, businesses, DC power systems for outdoor lighting, DC systems for greenhousees, greenhouse fan systems, Wood heating, Solar cooling and energy Efficient appliances & lighting

President – William F Von Brethorst

Over 37 years in power generation including:

  • 4 years with ECI in Peoria, Illinois as designer and wireman
  • 11 years with Enercon Engineering in Peoria, Illinois as a project engineer designing and building electrical power switchgear and controls
  • 2 years with Wagner Equipment in Aurora, Colorado as project engineer designing portable power equipment
  • 2 years with ASI Power Technologies as project engineer on Hydropower technologies, power generation and irrigation controls-held and sold U S Patent for portable power system for mining equipment
  • 2 years with Sunelco, Inc as Solar design consultant and salesman
  • 15 years as designer under Planetary Systems, Inc for Sustainable Technology Center of the San Juan Islands project in Friday Harbor
  • President of Planetary Systems, Inc since 1994

Below are photos of some of the many projects I have designed including diesel power systems for many projects Included are *pdf files of some of the articles I have written about solar and wind energy for technical publications and magazines