PM Pumpmakers GmbH

PM Pumpmakers GmbH

PM Pumpmakers GmbH

PM Pumpmakers GmbH is an Austrian solar company, specializing in the research and development of power and water solutions, using renewable energy sources. To meet the needs of a fast-growing market, Pumpmakers focuses on innovative solar pump systems for the supply of rural and urban drinking water, water well construction, water well drilling, and agricultural purposes. Pumpmakers develops solar water pumps and contributes to reducing water shortages and poverty worldwide. We provide people with their own access to safe, clean drinking water – even in the remotest corners of the world – a worldwide network of fellow Pumpmakers, AND we assist and support all those wanting to use our solar pump systems for their business and NGOs.

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Industriepark Strasse 13 , Sankt Veit an der Glan , 9300 Austria
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Renewable Energy
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Globally (various continents)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Pumpmakers focuses on solar pump systems for the supply of rural and urban areas with access to Water, Internet, Power & Light. Furthermore we offer water exploration, water well construction, WASH solutions, agricultural purposes and the implementation of entire projects for governments, NGOs and CSR activities.

To meet the needs of a fast-growing market, Pumpmakers focuses on innovative solar pump systems for the supply of rural and urban drinking water, water well construction, water well drilling, and agricultural purposes.

In 2010, our team of engineers and constructors took on the challenges posed by the global water crisis head-on to design and develop a truly self-sustainable water supply system.

Our goal was clear: millions of people all over the world should have access to safe, clean drinking water.

A year later, we presented the patented DIY Solar Pump as the very first maintenance-free and corrosion-resistant water pump system that can be manufactured locally, runs entirely on solar power, needing no back-up electricity and incurring no additional costs.
To meet the growing demand for complete systems, we developed the PM Solar Pump System.

Pumpmakers Solar Pumps can easily be set up in new water wells or to replace pre-installed water pumps, such as hand water pumps, generator-powered water pumps or windmill water pumps that are typically found in rural and remote areas.

Imagine what it would be like if remote regions were to be able to connect to the world via WiFi Internet, have
access to a charging station for lights, radios, mobile phones and tablets, and WATER.
But that’s not all. At the same time, ground water data can be logged and transmitted together with weather data and live pictures of the region.

The solar water pump 'PM Life Station' makes this – and more – possible!Pumpmakers Solar Pumps – Innovative – Economical

To tackle the global water crisis, the award-winning Austrian solar company PM Pumpmakers GmbH has developed the world’s most innovative solar pump systems, using the latest technology, european quality and a patented concept.

Whether you choose the world’s first 'water- internet- and charging system' the PM Life Station or an entire PM Solar Pump System to supply water to urban or rural communities, irrigate crops, breed livestock or run a fish farm, Pumpmakers provide everything you need, including numerous benefits.

With the power of the sun, Pumpmakers Solar Water Pumps..

  • provide sustainable, cost-effective and flexible alternatives for a steady supply of water
  • effectively pump water out of water wells: 
    - up to a depth of 100m/300ft with a delivery rate of up to 18,000 liters per day
     (PM Life Station - DIY Solar Pump)
    - beyond a depth of 350m / 1,150ft with a delivery rate of more than 50,000 liters per hour 
     (PM Solar Pump System)
  • operate up to 10 hours a day
  • incur no running costs
  • amortize in 2 years at the latest
  • require hardly any maintenance (high-quality materials make this possible)
  • are affordable and can be installed all over the world to foster local economic development
  • can easily be assembled locally, using local skills and parts
  • replace already existing generator-driven water pumps, hand pumps, submersible water pumps and windmill water pumps

Besides that, the PM Life Station - the successor of DIY Solar Pump..

  • WiFi Internet,
  • electrical power to charge lights, radios and mobile devices,
  • monitors both the ground water and weather data,
  • sends live pictures,
  • is “Made in Africa” to strengthen the local economy,
  • fosters self-sufficiency,
  • can be used as a 6m high advertisement tower,
  • allows water to be pumped at night, using the optional hand pump,
  • is salt water resistant to avoid corrosion.

Pumpmakers Platform – Globally Connected

Our Pumpmakers platform is a virtual marketplace that connects and supports people all over the world to help themselves by providing quick and easy access to safe, clean drinking water.

Individuals, local companies, NGOs, volunteers and supporters can join our global network and receive free information to implement and manage water supply projects with Pumpmakers Solar Pumps.

  • Everyone can become a pumpmaker by simply downloading the installation plans and videos available in the Toolbox.
  • Individuals can support each other and pinpoint already existing water wells as well as regions that still lack a steady supply of water, on our World Map and TV Channel as well as in their own Profile.
  • Entrepreneurs and companies have the opportunity to use our business concept to start their own Pumpmakers business
  • Pumpmakers businesses, water well construction companies and NGOs can present their work and projects in their own Profile, on our World Map and TV Channel.