Potencia Industrial‎

Potencia Industrial‎

Potencia designs and manufactures special application, high efficiency electrical motors and generators. Specializing in creative solutions and applications, our company meets the highest technical requirements in power security and energy efficiency. Our state of the art machines meet and exceed the most stringent customer specifications and maintain IEEE, NEMA and IEC standards. Potencia has set several industry benchmarks in permanent magnet generator, kinetic energy storage, and high efficiency patented technologies.

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Año de Juárez 205 , Iztapalapa , Federal District 09070 Mexico

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Energy - Hydro Power
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Internationally (various countries)

Structured under vertical integration, Potencia meets engineering and manufacturing challenges with the experience of a solid 50 year background. Our vertical integration of our manufacturing processes include lamination stamping, core assembly, welding and fabrication, high-precision machining, coil manufacturing, winding, assembly and laboratory testing. Tools, dies, jigs, fixtures, casting patterns and molds are also designed and made in-house.

In 1958 our company initiated manufacturing of the NEMA-size electric motors as Reliance de Mexico (REMSA) under license from Reliance Electric Company of Cleveland, Ohio. REMSA became the first company in Mexico to meet industry´s demands to locally manufacture motors for special applications including UL approved explosion proof, high torque, and multi-speed requirements.

In 1968 our company initiated manufacturing electric salient pole synchronous generators as Potencia Industrial (Potencia) under license from Kato Engineering Company of Mankato, Minnesota. Potencia became the first company in Mexico to meet industry´s demands to manufacture generators for special applications including 50, 60 & 400 hz, motor generator sets, load isolators, frequency converters, dynamic flywheel systems, and volume production of standard generators for the emerging Engine Gen-Set market for backup and emergency power.

In 1975 Potencia initiated the development of cage induction and permanent magnet generators for wind applications, and in 1976 obtained a patent for the world's first direct drive permanent-magnet wind generator.

In 1976 our company initiated manufacturing large electric motors and generators up to 10,000 horsepower in 1976 under license from Parsons Peebles Electric LTD, of Edinburgh, Scotland, including Induction Squirrel Cage, Wound Rotor, and Synchronous Salient Pole machines.

In 1985 our company acquired the tooling and engineering of the Electric Products Company of Cleveland, Ohio, to manufacture special electric motors and generators up to 10,000 HP.

In 1995 our company entered into a manufacturing and engineering agreement with the Louis Allis Company, Milwaukee Wisconsin, to manufacture special electric motors and generators up to 10,000 HP.

We have dedicated over 30 years to the advanced design of high-efficiency special application technology, primarily for renewable energy sources, and have a long and proven track record servicing industrial, wind and hydro markets. Potencia is today a world leader in permanent magnet generator technology and its applications for renewable energy.

Potencia continues as Mexico's sole designer and manufacturer of custom made electric rotating machinery using USA materials. We became the first company in Mexico to meet demand for motors in sizes up to 10,000 HP. Some of our customers include:

Clipper Windpower, Edisson Electric Company, Florida Power & Light, Power Systems & Controls, ENXCO, EMS, Ford Motor Company, Pepsico, Kellogg's, Merck, Canadian Hydro, Shering Plough, Dupont, Mitsubishi, Goodyear, Georator Power Systems, INET Airport Services, Yoeman's Chicago Corp, Visicom Industries, Motorola, Mead Johnson, Procter & Gamble, York, Schlumberger, FESTER, Japan Gas Corp., Byron Jackson, SUMITOMO.