Prudent Living Inc.

Prudent Living Inc.

Prudent Living Inc.

At Prudent Living we are driven to promote a prudent way of life. Today, incorporating prudence into the way we live is of the utmost importance. The world is in a constant state of flux leaving many to worry about what the future holds. We are here to help you control what you can and prepare for what you can’t. This is done by promoting sound products for the future, completing services that will make an immediate impact, and educating customers about strategies that will grant peace of mind.

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3189 US Route 5 South , Windsor , Vermont 05089 USA
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Service provider
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Renewable Energy
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Internationally (various countries)

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Who We Are
Prudent Living offers services, strategies, products and a community that encourage a prudent way of life.  Started in 2009 by Biebel Builders, quality home and commercial builders in Windsor, Vermont since 1976, Prudent Living provides customers with energy-efficient architectural design; green strategies for homebuilding and renovation; energy audits; and renewable alternatives such as solar, wind and geothermal. More than just builders of houses, Prudent Living helps people build an intentional life –whether it’s by carefully managing natural resources, spending wisely, protecting health or by safeguarding the health of the planet. The Prudent Living community relies on the dynamic web site, informative blogs and free quarterly Prudent Living e-Magazine for practical suggestions for daily life. The company will soon launch Prudent Living Market, an e-commerce site of prudent products.

We believe that renewable energy will be standard practice in every community soon, especially for businesses and municipalities, the biggest consumers of fossil fuels. Energy-efficient installations will be as much a part of a new building as the foundation and roof.  That’s the underlying philosophy that motivates us here at  Prudent Living:  a positive attitude about a bright (green!) future.  We are excited about supporting our planet’s natural resources and the benefits conscious and thoughtful decisions have on the environment and our families.

What We Do
We help people like you make thoughtful, intelligent choices about living in a way that preserves resources–yours and the planet. Prudent Living has built hundreds of homes in the Upper Valley Region of Vermont and New Hampshire. Our in-house teams specialize in working with architects and homeowners to incorporate sustainable design and renewable strategies in residential and commercial projects. We use 3D modeling and renderings to show clients and their neighbors what projects will look like before they are installed.

We use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to perform blower door, duct-work and infrared camera testing for air and moisture leaks and cold spots. We do combustion appliance testing for efficiency, back-drafting and spillage of dangerous gasses, and make recommendations for energy-saving and interior air quality improvements.

How We Do It
We do it right. We’re a team of certified building energy practitioners, accredited in LEED and individually certified in the science of whole house performance through the Building Performance Institute (BPI). Certified solar and geothermal installers as well as in thermography. we are fully insured and can do installations of any size. When appropriate, Prudent Living teams up with local business resources such as contractors, designers and engineers to implement optimal strategies for your home or business.

An important part of our staff are the teachers who share the prudent way of life by conducting courses at night. Classes include how to be your own general contractor, weatherization improvements, sustainable design strategies, inside air quality, understanding renewable energies and how they work, organic gardening, canning– even making jerky.

We Walk Our Talk
The Prudent Living office is an off-grid-capable facility operating on 17kWs of solar-generated power with full battery and generator-assisted backup.

“Our mission is to provide services, strategies, products and a community that promote a prudent way of life.”

At Prudent Living, we are driven to promote a prudent way of life. You can’t be a renewable energy company and not be passionate about the preservation of all resources–the planet’s and the person’s.  Now, more than ever, incorporating prudence, sense and sensibility, into the way we live is of the utmost importance–from conserving wealth and preserving health to protecting the environment and safeguarding the earth.  The world is in a constant state of flux, leaving many to worry about what the future holds. There’s one thing you can count on: We are here to help you control what you can and prepare for what you can’t, with sound products, smart systems, practical strategies and good education. The bottom line? Prudent living leads to peace of mind.