Renewable technologies will play a critical role in transforming the UK from a fossil fuel guzzling country, reliant on foreign imports into a low-carbon, self-sufficient world leader in carbon reduction, but Biomass or Solar PV alone will not provide the solution. A mixture of technologies that exactly meet each user’s individual requirements will, which is why we offer a full range of solutions from Solar PV to Rainwater Harvesters. Our ‘holistic’ approach to renewable technologies allows us to select exactly the right technology, or combination of technologies for each project.

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Woodbastwick Road, Blofield Heath , Norwich , Norfolk NR13 4RR United Kingdom

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Energy - Solar Power
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Nationally (across the country)

At RenEnergy we sell solutions rather than systems, which is why we offer such a wide range of renewable products. Before recommending a technology we will work with you to discuss your requirements in detail. A comprehensive understanding of your needs enables us to select the most suitable technology, or combination of technologies for your project.

RenEnergy work with homeowners, farmers & landowners, developers, contractors, consultants and architects, schools and hospitals as well as in the public and construction sectors.

We offer a full service from initial feasibility and design right through to installation, commissioning and maintenance.

We also believe that education about renewable technologies is a vital part of the transition to a greener UK. To support this we regularly hold free conferences and workshops to share our knowledge and help people to understand the benefits of installing renewable technologies. Keep an eye on our blog for upcoming events.