Scatec Solar Solutions GmbH

Scatec Solar Solutions GmbH

Scatec Solar is an integrated independent power producer, aiming to make solar a sustainable and affordable source of energy worldwide. Scatec Solar develops, builds, owns and operates solar power plants and delivers power from 220 MW in the Czech Republic, South Africa and Rwanda. The company is in strong growth and has 207 MW under construction in the US, Honduras and Jordan as well as a solid pipeline of projects under development in Africa, Middle East, Americas and Asia. Scatec Solar is headquartered in Oslo, Norway.

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Sommerrogaten 13-15 , Oslo , N-0255 Norway
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Business Type:
Engineering service provider
Industry Type:
Solar Power
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:

Improving our future
Scatec Solar is one of the world’s leading independent project developers and Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) providers for utility-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) power plants. Established in 2007, Scatec Solar is owned by Scatec Group and Itochu Corporation. Our combined track record amounts to about 180 MW of installed systems. We are the natural partner to institutional investors, rooftop owners, installers and external project developers.

Scatec Solar divides its operations into three business units:

Scatec Solar Development is the in-house project developer, and is responsible for developing projects, both rooftop and ground mounted. We will identify the upcoming markets with the highest potential and build up a team of experienced project developers in these markets. It typically takes 1-2 years to go from a promising site to a fully developed project. Scatec Solar will then either sell the developed project to external investors, or build the project with our own in-house EPC division - Scatec Solar Solutions. The company has a gross pipeline of 2.3 GW across Europe, Africa, US and Japan.

Scatec Solar Solutions is comprised of experienced PV system designers, engineers, project managers, site managers and supply chain professionals. We are able to deliver turnkey construction of the most challenging PV systems. We build both internally for Scatec Solar, and externally for outside investors. Solutions also provide design and engineering services, and operations and maintenance contracts for external PV systems.

Scatec Solar Production acts as a PV system asset manager and independent power producer (IPP). This division of Scatec Solar is responsible for asset management and sales of PV systems directly owned by Scatec Solar. We currently hold 20 MW of PV systems on our own books.

Our vision:

  • Improving our future

Our mission:

  • To deliver a competitive and sustainable
  • solar energy supply globally;
  • improve our environment and quality of life through innovative integration of reliable technology and provide shareholder value.
  • Our decisions and actions are driven by a culture of values, performance, and competence.

Our values:

  • predictable
  • driving results
  • change maker
  • working together

The story of Scatec Solar reflects the history of utility scaled PV plants. We were the first to develop a megawatt sized project in Germany. Three times we held the world record for the largest PV power plant of the world. Scatec Solar was the first triple ISO certified solar development and EPC company of the world.

Development – identifies and secures access to the most attractive projects
Scatec Solar develops projects from scratch, or buys complete or semi-developed project rights from local developers. Scatec Solar has built close working partnership with a selected network of local project developers in order to access attractive project opportunities and secure compliance with local authorities and counterparties. Scatec Solar’s broad in-house know-how, experience and resources are used to study and assess PV ready project acquisition opportunities or applied to complete the development of projects.Project development involves identifying the most attractive projects and getting these projects through a number of key steps to a “shovel ready” state before significant capital is committed and construction can begin. A “shovel ready” project can be sold to an external party with or without EPC services attached, or moved forward by Scatec Solar.

Solutions – provides high quality and cost efficient EPC and O&M services Scatec Solar covers the complete scope of work along the EPC part of the value chain. As one of the first triple certified solar companies ever we provide a high quality standard and ensure, that a PV-installation becomes a safe and future-proof investment. A guaranteed performance ratio is part of our standard.

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Production – We act as lead investors for the projects we develop or acquire in selected markets. We provide the projects with a robust legal and tax structure, prepare financial models, and arrange debt and equity capital for individual projects or portfolios of projects through a network of international banks and investors. Contracts are prepared and signed for construction, insurance, O&M and management of the assets. Datarooms are prepared and Due Diligence processes are facilitated for banks and potential investors.Portfolios of operating assets are managed with the aim to optimize performance. We have a flexible approach to holding vs. selling assets, and we can offer sizable secondary investments with an operational track record to medium/long-term investors.

Health and safety

Health & safety has highest priority in Scatec Solar, and together we work for a zero harm working environment. 

Our health & safety culture is based on the belief that all incidents can be prevented, and we aspire to achieve zero harm to the health and wellbeing of all our employees, our clients and business partners, the environment, and society.

In Scatec Solar, we are fully committed to provide a safe, healthy and supportive working environment for all our employees. It is our highest priority, and we have established an “HSE-policy” to ensure a common HSE mindset in the organisation.

All employees have a personal responsibility to contribute to a safe and healthy working environment, and HSE performance is included in the selection, appraisal and reward of our personnel.

We apply quality measures and audits to ensure that we continuously improve our HSE culture and performance.


Generating electricity from the sunlight is itself an act of active environmental protection and an important contribution to ensure sustainable energy supplies. 

Scatec Solar places great emphasis on environmental friendly and sustainable solutions in all aspects of developing, building and operating solar power plants.

Our systems and services are designed to minimize the environmental impact, and we ensure that our solar systems can be recycled and reused or disposed safely.

Further, we aim to choose suppliers with the same environmental mindset as us, e.g. those who focus on reduction of carbon footprint and production of solar modules without Cadmium.

Environmental Impact Assessment

This comprehensive study is typically required for large-scale developments and ensures a certain quality of the construction work that will be carried out and sets out mitigation strategies for any risks that are identified during the process.

The studies involve a range of external consultants/ specialists, affected/ interested parties as well as various levels/ jurisdiction of government. The studies are typically quite tedious processes that can take between 1-2 years.

To gain a better understanding of the nature of the assessment, please find the executive summary for the report that was filed for one of our parks in South Africa.


We place great emphasis on the positive social impact of our activities on local communities, an ambition shared by most authorities in the regions where we operate. 

Scatec Solar seeks to ensure that a significant share of the work force on its projects is recruited in the local regions, especially in developing countries, and that a minimum share of components and supplies are domestically sourced.

Scatec Solar supports a number of activities for its local communities to create awareness around solar energy and the positive contributions of these projects to the communities.

Socio-Economic Development

Scatec Solar is dedicated to a Socio-Economic Development programme in relation to its projects in South Africa. The purpose of the programme is to improve the economic future and the quality of life for the affected parties of the local communities.

The main areas of focus are related to health and education, and to provide access to the formal economy for the citizens.

The initiatives are based on findings from a pre-study identifying economic potential, social needs and other pertinent initiatives that are absent in the communities. All initiatives are carried out with the local authorities, community leaders or charity organisations in the area.