Secure Meters (UK) Ltd

Secure Meters (UK) Ltd

Secure Meters (UK) Ltd

Our goal is to work with the users of energy in their homes and workplace to help reduce waste of energy. We work with the energy supply chain to reduce the cost of energy delivered to users. At Secure, users of energy are at the core of our thinking and therefore we refer to them as ‘customers’, even though they don’t pay our bills directly. Defining users of energy as ‘customers,’ has allowed us to think about the energy supply chain and the use of energy in a very different light. It has forced everyone in the business to deliver products and services that really add value to them and as a consequence truly add value to each link in the energy supply chain.

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Secure House Moorside Road , Winchester , Hampshire SO23 7RX United Kingdom
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Energy Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)

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We believe that energy and indeed any resource is of value and should not be wasted. Each of us should have the opportunity to use energy responsibly and this means that firstly, we must have a fair understanding of how we use it and subsequently, we must be able to regulate its use to suit our needs. If each of us is able to achieve this in our homes and work places at a fair price from our energy supplier; this will be one less thing to worry about.

In our daily lives the most important link between us and energy is our energy supplier. From them we expect a good quality service, which includes not receiving any surprises. In reality the energy supply chain is a lot more complex than this and many more institutions have a hand in what we consume. At Secure we work with energy suppliers and help them to provide great customer service on the one hand and on the other, we work with businesses across the entire energy supply chain and identify where costs can be improved.

All of this is only possible as a consequence of our long term partnerships with both ‘customers’ and players in the energy supply chain. As a technology provider, we must understand the needs of the energy supply chain in the regions that we work.. We should bring this understanding to bear on the products we develop and produce for our customers in the energy supply chain and the ultimate customers, the end users. As our goal is to reduce energy waste and reduce the energy spend for customers in our key markets, we spend a lot of time and effort to understand them and the changes that happen, and are continuously refining our products and services.


Conceived the idea of entering the electricity metering business


CALMU technology identified and technical collaboration with Polymeters signed


India's first electronic electricity meter order received from
the Ahemedabad's Electricity Company (AECO)


Product assembling started
First branch offices started in Mumbai and Delhi
Accuchek, the portable meter testing equipment launched


The first class 0.2 accuracy product in the country was developed


Moved to a purpose built manufacturing unit in Udaipur


First World Bank contract for metering in Orissa


Govt of India national award for the best R&D in electrical sector


First Indian electrical manufacturer to invest in overseas business, invested in PRI Ltd. UK
Global exports begin
ISO-9000 certification achieved in record time 


Manufacturing set up at Solan, Himachal Pradesh


Apex, the grid metering system launched


World's first online prepayment vending system launched with contract from Northern Ireland


Received the first government of India export award


The launch of metering related services
Low Power Radio powered AMR system, STARS, the ABT metering software launched


Recognition at a national level in Six Sigma and Quality Circles projects


Australian operations started
Meter sales in Australia


Acquired Swedish metering company Cewe Instrument
Launched Prodigy, distribution transformer metering unit
Australia - i-Credit 400 Launch
First Powercor, SP AusNet and ACTEWAGL meter supply


ISO:14000 certification for environment management received
Receveid prestigeous Queen's award for outstanding performance in international business
First integral energy meter supply
Legislative amendment to enact Victorian AMI rollout
AMI trials in Victoria and first meter supply
Smart meter launched 


ISO:27001 certification for information management security achieved
Acquired well known British company Horstmann Controls.
Entry in to home controls and energy management business
Horizon, the AMI system launched
PRI Australasia incorporated  


First smart metering/AMI order from Victoria, Australia, further growth of the smart grid business.
Won a first prize in Six Sigma competition jointly organised by Indian Statistical Institute
and Quality Council of India, held at Bangalore.


CMMi Level 3 certification achieved
Citipower/Powercor first production meter supplied


200,000 smart meters delivered to the Victorian Utilities


Received India Power Award for the year
ISO:17025 accredited laboratory established in Udaipur


Secure, BIA awarded for the most environmental friendly green unit in RIICO area, by Udaipur.

Business must endure for generations.

  • Profits are important and must be sincerely earned.
  • A reputation built on trust is more valuable than profits.
  • Everything is lost when trust is lost.
  • There is always a better way of doing things.
  • Change is constant.
  • Being socially responsible is good for business.
  • Customers are the most important stakeholders in the business.
  • Business must always keep a caring attitude towards all employees.
  • Good relationships with everyone matter.
  • Borrow with great care, never more than you are sure of repaying.
  • Pay all taxes in full and on time.

These beliefs translate to a set of desired behaviours both of individuals and collectively for the business. The following is an indicative list (not in any particular order):


is derived from the belief “there is always better way of doing things”. This continuous quest for the better way demands innovation.


relates to nearly everyone of the beliefs. Being positive is a state of mind that is immediately reflected in our interactions with others.


because change is a constant and embracing change is essential.  


because simplicity has the virtue that it is easily understood. It is the foundation for generating trust as well.


is the state of mind that helps project the present to the future. It always brings the long term perspective to decisions and actions.


o Trustworthy because trust is a two way street. Our actions can engender or destroy trust for the other person, and obviously the converse applies. Trust derives from integrity and simplicity.


because integrity is the foundation for trust. Integrity is the congruence between our thoughts words and actions. The more convergent our thoughts, words and actions the easier it is to build trust.  


because competence is being good at what we do and the ability to reflect this to others confidently. Skill knowledge and attitude taken together produce competence.

Customer focused

Necessary in individuals if customers are to come above self, individually, as teams or as the whole organisation.


because good relationships matter and business results can only be achieved by working together.  


because, more than anything else, it builds good relationships. Respect and empathy leads to an openness and the ability to genuinely care for one’s colleagues


because at both individual and company level, knowing ones limitations builds confidence.


is the quality which reflects the single minded pursuit of any goal. It includes diligence, hard work, smart work and effective problem solving.


To us, CSR is far more than merely giving money, it is our responsibility to our community; the exposure and experience we gain through working together with the community adds as value to us as it does to the people with whom we interact.

Dharohar, ‘Legacy’ in Hindi, provides us with opportunities to work within our local communities - giving time and allowing us to use our skills to enable society to develop a cleaner and a more open learning environment and a youth unafraid to express itself. We try to increase awareness and understanding of all aspects of learning. The company matches the time donated by anyone working through Dharohar, promoting long term links with our host communities.

Our responsibility to the community extends to the environment and beyond. Once again active participation is encouraged. Our team plants native tree saplings in nearby wild areas every planting season, ensuring green and sustainable a permanent legacy to the area. We are focused on energy efficiency and conservation constantly looking for new ways to help reduce the carbon footprint while maintaining safe and comfortable living conditions both for ourselves and others.

The Singhal Foundation is committed to developing education, arts and sports in and around Udaipur. The foundation is run by the Singhal family and a significant contribution is made every year to support the younger community in Udaipur through scholarships and funding.

Education and learning is what gives us competitive advantage in business. Therefore, it is important to transfer learning both within the organisation and outside it. Internally, the group runs many training programmes. Each employee will spend an average of 6% of their office hours training. Quality Circles and Six Sigma initiatives also encourage learning.

Our belief that we have a responsibility to give back to society drives us to work together to help improve our communal and natural environment.


Human activity impacts the environment. We are actively developing products, services and solutions that increase efficiency and decrease waste of energy. We believe that people will change their behaviour once they are empowered with the knowledge that they can reduce their carbon footprint without compromising on quality of life. Small steps taken by large groups can lead to change on a massive scale. We can secure energy together.

Our commitment to sustainable development ensures that we maintain the strictest checks and balances on our impact on the environment. The group participates in afforestation programs in India, a country devastated by decades of unmanaged forestry. We are heading on a no-plastic packing policy. We now use only 100% recyclable paper for our collateral, and have increased the use of CDs-thus removing the need for paper collateral.

Dharohar, our CSR vehicle, emphasises water and energy management amongst its other educational activities. Our employees work with local institutions and NGOs to bring about knowledge transfer and educational change.

We are all responsible to the environment we live in, together we can secure it for future generations. Secure promises to be energy efficient and grow sustainably.


At Secure, the guiding philosophy ‘there is always a better way of doing things’ pervades our minds. This philosophy is the inspiration for our innovation – inspiration to challenge the status quo and quest for the radically new. This quest is not just a passion for doing things anew; it is driven by a quiet sense of agility, responsibility and togetherness.

We recognise R&D must generate net positive for our customers and for society at large. This sense of responsibility is reflected in all our R&D efforts; be it the secure revenue completeness solutions in the developing world or the intelligent energy retail solutions for the developed world. Our constant endeavour has been to manage energy better through newer products and solutions that are robust, reliable and simple. Our significant investment into state of the art reliability engineering, qualification and test facilities is just another small effort in this direction.

In a world where technology is changing at a fast pace; agility is the key to competitiveness. The customer pull and technology push paradigm is dynamic and is constantly changing over time and space. At Secure, we like to work with our customers to provide them the best solution for their needs. No wonder, the 500 strong R&D team located over 6 R&D centres globally work in harmony to provide the best solution leveraging its knowledge and skills. The wealth of intellectual property developed through extensive research in products, solutions and processes in a wide canvas of expertise areas allows us this agility; to provide the simplest, most pragmatic solutions to complex problems. Today the team has a unique mix of experience in electronics, power systems, instrumentation, communication technologies, computing, networking, reliability engineering and process automation to name a few.

People are our key assets and we believe that people succeed when there is a spirit of togetherness. Working together is a culture at Secure that we carefully nurture. Whether it is working with our customers to develop a solution or working within our teams to build on a complex idea; we believe working together delivers more than what a combination of individuals would. Collaboration is the key to innovation – be it products or processes.


We took an established industry, challenged established paradigms, and changed its shape permanently and completely. We achieved this by a combination of many things, most of which boil down to who we are and what we are made of, our DNA. Yet, we started from this small town of Udaipur and are now in seven cities in four countries, we are a company with this DNA! The DNA which gives us the belief that there is always a better way of doing things”.

Take an innovative start point, and add to it honest and open debate, the unbounded enthusiasm of youth, a tolerance for failure, the enquiry of diligent minds, the freedom to imagine, the global reach to expertise all within a world class infra-structure and you get another innovative starting point!

Our core competence lies in combining experience, in the metering and time-temperature controls domain, with the knowledge-base of the team to deliver innovative products, services and solutions. We deliver value to customers through reliable solutions (products, software, and systems) that are easily scalable.

Having introduced the UK’s first tariff approved electronic meter in 1988 and pioneered the “frequency based metering” in India in 1995, technological thought leadership has contributed to our success. We believe that people innovate and innovation helps build a sustainable and profitable business. Technical excellence on a sustainable basis is achieved through simple but effective processes. These processes are built around the fundamental principle of creating customer value through effective collaboration.

Our development team works on a range of new products, technologies and processes to provide advanced solutions tailored to a customer’s needs. The department has expertise in state of the art technologies in analogue and digital hardware design, communication and networking, embedded and high level software, metrology, mechanical and plastics design, product validation, quality systems and reliability engineering. Software expertise encompasses a wide range of operating systems, database design, networking, front end tools and Internet applications.

This wealth of intellectual property and its creators are fully supported by a wide range of development equipment and facilities. State of the art Computer Aided Design, computer simulation and analysis, software development tools, prototyping facilities, environmental and EMI / EMC test equipment, reliability assessment equipment etc. all support the development efforts.

Secure began life in 1987 as a diversification from the existing family business. We licensed solid state electronic metering technology from the UK, to help distribution companies in India improve their revenues. It was the first commercially available electronic metering product in the world and produced dramatic improvements in revenue assurance in India.

Today, Secure is the only business in the world that is integrated down stream from an energy supply company. We provide products and services that can be used to measure energy, inform of its usage and even help control its usage. Our products range from the supply of gas & electricity, meters, instruments and heating & cooling controls alongside a host of services both physical and data that enhance the use of our hardware.

A diverse product base has meant that we have developed an incredibly diverse and vibrant customer base. While this provides us with a unique opportunity to learn a lot about the technical and economic aspects of the energy supply chain, it brings a significant challenge to the business as well. So as to be able to provide the appropriate quality of customer service to all our customers, we have arranged the business along the lines of Strategic Business Units (SBUs). Each SBU serves particular customer segments ensuring that each of them gets the level of service they require.

Supply SBU – Customers, this is the only direct to Customer SBU
Energy SBU – All utility companies and energy supply companies
M&C SBU – All other institutional customers that work with utility and energy companies and some non utility energy suppliers

By making the entire product portfolio available to each of the SBUs we have been able to deliver a long lasting impact. Products are developed and produced at our various locations keeping in mind each SBU’s requirements. At Secure we have a number of different offices and factories and we operate from six countries in Australia, Asia and Europe.

Our vision of creating products and services that help users save money, reduce energy use and live in comfort, has been honed and developed for close to three decades and is the consequence of a tryst between Indian innovation and technology from the UK.

Secure has grown into an enduring business largely as a consequence of adhering to a set of twelve clearly articulated beliefs. We firmly believe that only a responsible business can endure and this we endeavour to be to the very best of our abilities in all spheres - the marketplace, the workplace, the community and the environment where we have influence.

Over the past five years Secure has gradually lowered its carbon emissions, despite the fact we are increasing productivity. We have worked for many years in the local community, helping children to retain their natural curiosity and improving their learning experiences, through a mixture of scientific experiments and games, art camps and teacher training events. We have cultivated a vibrant volunteering programme for all our staff, who are fully supported to spend at least three working days a year volunteering on educational initiates of their choice.

No change is possible unless people, processes and systems change as technology changes

Secure’s focus on solving complex problems through simple, but complete solutions, results in a long and enduring partnership with all our customers. We understand that no change is possible unless people, processes and systems change as technology changes. We factor this thinking into everything we do.

We are proud that most of our customers around the world keep coming back to us, trust us and see us as long-term partners

In 1987, Secure produced 8,000 meters a year; now we are producing 4,000,000 meters a year. Five years ago services contributed to less than 5% of our revenue; today they contribute to more than 25%. Secure knows that change is constant and that solving our customers’ problems is the only way to grow sincerely and therefore endure for generations. We are proud that most of our customers around the world keep coming back to us, trust us and see us as long-term partners.