SEPAC Corporation

SEPAC Corporation

SEPAC Corporation

SEPAC Corp. is an engineering company, that thow it´s 35 years have help our customers to use electrical power effectively, increasing it´s industrial productivity in a sustainable way. SEPAC Corp. is well equipped to provide excitation systems for power generators. Many systems have been supplied covering a variety of generating plants. The very latest digital techniques are used to provide flexible and cost effective solutions. SEPAC’s static excitation system RAV 1101/1111 are designed to operate on electrical generators ranging from a few Megawatts to up to 600 MW. Our ability consist in managing projects by forming multi-disciplinary teams to work on large scale contracts all over the world.

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5201 Blue Lagoon Dr. Suite 952 PH , Miami , FL 33126 USA
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Power Distribution
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Globally (various continents)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Under the title Sepac Corp. there exists 3 companies which are located in:

  • E.U.A.: ESEAM INC.

Together they are involved in business operations, designing, manufacturing, installating and servicing of regulation, protection and automation equipment, monitoring and telecontrol for the very important installations of companies that are involved in the production, transmission and distribution of electrical energy.

During the first years of operation, approximately 30 years ago, the Mexican enterprise Sistemas Electronicos de Potencia Automatización y Control, S.A. de C.V. (S.E.P.A.C., S.A. de C.V.) manufactured data monitoring systems and industrial process automation systems. In 1980 S.E.P.A.C., S.A. de C.V. signed a technology transfer contract with the British company THORN AUTOMATION which is part of the group known as THORN EMI ELECTRONICS.

With the adoption and development of this technology SEPAC was involved in various projects with Comision Federal de Electricidad (Mexico) and electrical energy producing companies in Central America, South America and Western Europe. Principally the projects consisted of excitation systems for large alternators, equipment and supervisory controls for distribution and transmision networks, automation of hydro electrical plants, protection equipment and automation of electrical substations.

As of today, equipment supplied by SEPAC regulates nearly 20 % of the electrical capacity and telecontrols approximately 30 % of the electrical distribution in Mexico This success presents a solid platform in countries such as: Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Colombia, Paraguay, Chile and others.

To support its international operations SEPAC has established a vast network of representatives in all the countries in Central America and great part of South America, the United States and England.

In 1991 SEPAC, created a company in France dedicated to procurement of materials and components in Europe necessary for the production activity of the factory in Mexico.

In 1995 SEPAC became associated with the company ESEAM, INC. in Miami, Florida in order to promote its commercial activities in North and South America. ESEAM INC. is also part of SEPAC CORP.'s strategy to improve its research and development areas by establishing close contacts with American companies in the advanced technical development stage and with renowned international specialists of that country.